The world of medicine evolves and grows as our research, knowledge, and technology all advance. This is good for both physicians and for patients: doctors are able to provide better and more accurate care, and patients live longer, healthier lives. However, this also comes with challenges. Increases in regulations and documentation, insurance requirements, and more on top of the ordinary challenges of treating patients and leading a staff has made managing a practice much more difficult. That’s where membership with the American Academy of Podiatric Practice Management (AAPPM) can make a difference for podiatrists all over the country. 

What an AAPPM Membership Can Do for You

The AAPPM is designed to connect podiatrists and their staff to resources, products, and services to help them master practice management and succeed in medicine. We take the success of our members seriously and want to do all we can to help podiatrists around the country however they need it most.

But what does that look like practically? It looks like many things. It’s offering discounts to attend the AAPPM annual conference and virtual conferences. It’s providing 24/7 access to secure information, documents, and resources for doctors within the AAPPM’s online Resource Center. It’s building connections with corporate sponsors to get discounts on unique products and services to improve your practice and patient care. Best of all, it’s training for doctors, executive managers, and medical assistants from fellow doctors, executive managers, and medical assistants who are happy to share their knowledge, mistakes, and experiences with you so that you improve your practice and do not make the same mistakes.

AAPPM membership comes with a wealth of benefits all created to meet a podiatrist’s practice management needs.  Here are some of the greatest benefits that come with your AAPPM membership:

  • Access to Information and Tools – We have a secure resource center packed with valuable tools, forms, and documents covering a wide range of practice management topics and issues. These items have been designed and refined over time to provide you with the most effective information and resources for your practice.
  • Mentorship – Sometimes it can feel like you’re trying to “fake it till you make it” when you’re a new practitioner. However, you can learn from other podiatrists who have faced similar challenges in the field before you. Our mentorship opportunities allow you to learn from others’ experiences.
  • Newsletters – Our weekly newsletter, Tuesday Tips, offers valuable tidbits and pearls of wisdom. 
  • Discounts with Corporate Partners – The AAPPM partners with a number of incredible companies with tools and programs designed to help podiatrists succeed. Your membership allows you to take advantage of their special offers at conferences and meetings. This means you may be able to access certain services or acquire particular OTC items for your practice at sharply discounted prices.
  • Discounts for AAPPM Conferences – AAPPM DPM members have access to substantial discounted pricing to attend our annual conference and virtual conferences held throughout the year.
  • Free Consultation at a Conference – Our Consultant Partners are respected figures in the podiatry field, helping physicians grow and succeed in their practices. AAPPM members have the opportunity for a special, free 30-minute consultation with one of them while at the AAPPM annual conference.
  • Fellowship Opportunities – After four years of membership, you have the opportunity to participate in a fellowship with the AAPPM, providing you with additional recognition for your practice management knowledge from your peers.
  • Opportunities to Connect with Others Like You – Membership allows you more opportunities to connect with other podiatrists who have “been there and done that.” They are experienced, and know just what you’re going through—which enables them to provide unique insight and encouragement into your own situations and challenges.

Office managers and medical assistants who are AAPPM members will receive 24/7 access to the online Resource Center that is packed with materials for you, from HR and practice protocol documents to information addressing compliance issues to useful example documents and more. You’re able to qualify for corporate discounts with AAPPM sponsors and partners, saving your practice money when you acquire OTC items to dispense to patients. You also have many opportunities to form powerful relationships with your peers from around the country, learning from those who have “been there and done that.”