Consultant Partners

What’s the best way to be the best? Learn from the best!

The AAPPM maintains a special relationship with its consultant partners. We are proud to stand behind them as some of the greatest minds in everything from marketing and legal services to hiring, billing, strategic analysis, capital management, and more. And they are united in their passion for, and commitment to, the future of podiatry.

Our consultant partners are an integral part of our education program at the AAPPM and are frequently invited to lead workshops and exhibitions at each AAPPM meeting. They are also available for FREE 30-minute consultations at AAPPM meetings—a rare opportunity you won’t want to miss out on!

Buttaci Leardi & Werner LLC

Contact: John Leardi, Esq.

Phone: 609-799-5150


Product or service: A progressive, multi-service health law boutique that caters primarily to healthcare providers, provider-related entities, and their patients.

ParaDocs Medical Revenue Center

Contact: Gisele Saenger, BA, MISM, PA

Phone: 718.888.0841


Product or service: With more than 20 years of experience providing medical billing services to podiatrists across the United States, ParaDocsMRC developed a comprehensive understanding of the vital role billing plays in sustaining a practice’s profitability.
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Independent Networking Group

Contact: Mary-Ellen Schimmoller

Phone: 260.927.1266


Product or service: ING provides Revenue Management and Consultation services to Podiatrists. Our “Best Practice” strategies will help you achieve your financial goals.

Top Practices

Contact: Dave Ryan

Phone: 717.725.2679


Product or service: Since 2007, Top Practices has been guiding podiatrists in marketing and managing their practices as effectively as possible. Our unique marketing plans and management coaching are designed to easily and inexpensively insure podiatrists can see the appropriate number of patients every day as profitably and stress free as possible.