Finding the right product, service, or company can be a challenge for even experienced podiatry practices. It can feel like the wild west out there! How do you tell the good from the bad?

Good news: we’ve done the hard work for you.

The AAPPM is proud to affiliate with the following corporate partners. All these companies have a proven record of commitment to podiatric medicine, and we believe they all offer exceptional products and services that can help our members provide better patient care—and practice more efficiently and profitably.

Click on any of the partners below to learn more about how they can help you and your team. 

2023 Platinum Level Partners


Platinum + Partner


Contact: Josh White, DPM, CPed

Phone: 973.945.6827


We Care Heart and Sole. State-of-the-art footwear technology combined with a passion for advanced foot biomechanics are fundamental to designing OrthoFeet footwear. Over 150 styles of shoes. Orders ship within a day, 98% of the time.


Platinum + Partner

Top Practices

Contact: Dave Ryan

Phone: 717.725.2679


Since 2007, Top Practices has been guiding podiatrists in marketing and managing their practices as effectively as possible. Our unique marketing plans and management coaching are designed to easily and inexpensively insure podiatrists can see the appropriate number of patients every day as profitably and stress free as possible.

Orthotica Labs

Contact: Jason Kraus

Phone: 631.764.6643


Orthotica’s innovative and refreshing approach to custom orthotics transforms a crucial aspect of podiatric practices into an automated and transparent workflow. Orthotica’s deep understanding and appreciation for the challenges and rewards of the 21st century clinician translates to an exciting array of tools and functionalities never before envisioned.

Bako Diagnostics

Contact: Kaylee Miller

Phone: 470.810.4072


BakoDx is the industry-leading podiatric pathology laboratory. We provide premier diagnostic and therapeutic services focusing on the nail, skin, soft tissue, nerve, and bone of the lower extremities. Our pathology team delivers the information and intelligence to enable better patient outcomes.


Contact: Matthew Dodge

Phone: 877.740.3668


Redi-Thotics manufactures premium OTC orthotics for the podiatric professional. With over 2 dozen types of orthotics to choose from, finding 1 or 2 that fit your practice is easy. We offer free samples, displays, and great customer service.

Podiatry Content Connection

Contact: Randy Rosler

Phone: 917.572.5088


Podiatry Content Connection is the #1 comprehensive online marketing company for Podiatrists only. We offer a very effective service supported by an experienced team of account managers dedicated to the success of your practice. Our Podiatrists DOMINATE in their local area AND earn more more than other Podiatrists.

Marlinz Pharma

Contact: Rachel Martinez

Phone: 281.398.5656


Marlinz Pharma’s Tolcylen physician dispensed product line is the only true science backed, clinically proven family of profit enhancing drugs and cosmetics that generate better patient outcomes.  Visit our booth for clinical literature, scientific analysis and full size samples.  Learn how our Tolcylen Foot Soaks can benefit you and your patients.


Contact: Pamela Bobrow

Phone: 561.880.2998


The ModMed Podiatry software suite is a cloud-based, electronic health records (EHR) system designed to adapt to each doctor’s style of practice, remembering preferences and automatically suggesting exam notes and billing codes. When used on a tablet, EMA®, our EHR, works seamlessly with our other products and services.

AMERX Health Care

Contact: Jennifer Creel

Phone: 800.448.9599


AMERIGEL® Advanced SKIN & WOUND CARE products – named Podiatrists’ #1 Choice for Wound/Ulcer Treatment since 2006, and #1 Treatment Choice following Matrixectomies since 2003. Make AMERIGEL® your first choice for high-quality, effective, and affordable patient care! Stop by the AMERX booth today for a free sample!


Contact: Emily Webb

Phone: 630.230.2300


Officite supports healthcare practices by providing professional website design, patient acquisition services, and online presence solutions. Their leading digital marketing solutions include SEO, Reputation Management, Social Media, & more. No hidden fees, no contracts, just results.

Arche Healthcare

Contact: Elizabeth Diehl

Phone: 866.601.5221


Engagement is our innovation! Only a small percentage of people are receiving a truly comprehensive diabetic foot exam and we want to change that. Explore how the Arche LEAP Collaborative program maximizes your patients’ experience, activates their engagement in managing their own healthcare and improves clinical outcomes.

2023 Gold Level Partners

Contact: Paul Cummings

Phone: 800.327.3576


Zimmer MedizinSystems, with corporate bases in Germany and California, manufacturers high quality medical devices. Its Podiatry flagship is the enPuls Pro RSWT system for treatment of chronic foot and ankle pain. This non-invasive treatment option provides earlier intervention to your patients and offers an alternative revenue stream for your practice.

Contact: Nicole Freels, DPM, CPed

Phone: 859.967.7168


Modern Podiatrist is a woman-owned business containing American made products that are guaranteed to change the way you experience foot care. She created these natural products enhanced with modern medicine to help you put your #bestfootforward.

Contact: Chris Wickard

Phone: 219.629.5566


Start your patient scanning experience on the right foot with the O-scan extremity MRI from Esaote. Designed for high patient throughput, the O-scan series is poised to maximize productivity and workflow while providing exceptional patient comfort. Welcome to faster diagnostic imaging at the point of care.

Contact: Dylan Mahaffey

Phone: 260.927.1266


For over 20 years, ING has worked with a variety of medical professionals in all different specialties. During this time we have developed unparalleled experience in medical practice management and strategies for maximization of revenue.

Orpyx Medical Technologies

Contact: Chan Chong

Phone: 855.996.7799


Orpyx® sensory insole technologies are life-changing preventative health tools that empower patients and practitioners through data analytics. The company’s core product line, the Orpyx SI® Sensory Insoles, are novel, sensor-embedded insoles that measure advanced plantar pressure, adherence, step count, and temperature data.

Mile High Orthotics Lab

Contact: Greg Armstrong

Phone: 303.289.1534


MHOL is a high quality custom orthotics Lab making custom orthotics, AFO’s, 3D printed orthotics and custom shoes. HIPPA compliant lab and scanning software. Our LES iPad scanner software meets all military level security ensuring your safe transmission of data.


Contact: Ashvin Dewan

Phone: 832.419.7467


CaseCTRL- The smartest surgical scheduling and coordination platform that delivers more surgeries, revenue, and happier patients with half the admin burden. CaseCTRL anticipates scheduling mishaps and at-risk patients to proactively prevent last-minute reschedules/cancellations and maximize productivity. Craft your ultimate patient and practice surgical scheduling experience now at

Contact: Cindy Modzel

Phone: 800.889.4184 x125


Cutting Edge offers a full line of MLS® Therapy Lasers that manage pain and inflammation associated with Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, neuropathy, and much more.

Foster Web Marketing

Contact: Jacque Engelbrecht

Phone: 571.290.4721


Foster Web Marketing provides conversion-focused website design, digital marketing services, and marketing automation software for attorneys and podiatrists, focusing on sane, sustainable strategies that attract, convert, and retain your perfect clients. With our expert systems and support, you’ll have everything you need to lead your practice into the future.

Swift USA

Contact: Kristin Lasky

Phone: 407.952.9043


Swift is revolutionizing treatment of superficial lesions in US dermatology and podiatry markets. It delivers low dose microwave energy to a predetermined depth, triggering a clinically proven immune response. Delivered in significantly less time than other treatment options, Swift does not destroy tissue, and requires no bandages or patient downtime.

2023 Silver Level Partners

Vikor Scientific

Contact: Andrea Graves

Phone: 854.429.1069


SoftWave TRT

Contact: Laura Leszczynski

Phone: 620.845.4474


Sagis Diagnostics

Contact: Jeni Williams

Phone: 832.433.5445



Contact: Chase Huskey

Phone: 870.243.1598