Exhibitors and Special Offers

As part of our goal to provide great resources and incredible value to podiatrists around the country, the AAPPM is proud to partner with a number of corporate sponsors who provide unique special offers to our members. Many of these partners also serve as exhibitors at our AAPPM conferences, providing opportunities for great deals and discounts to attendees and current members. Here are some of the incredible special offers you can acquire through the AAPPM:

Special Offers for AAPPM Members



FREE 30-minute Consultations: Don’t miss out on the opportunity to schedule a FREE 30-minute consultation with the speakers and our exhibiting corporate partners at our conferences! What a great way to get some questions answered and learn from the best on making your practice more successful!


PRESENTPodiatryThe AAPPM is now an Alliance Partner with the PRESENT e-Learning Alliance Partnership! This brings new benefits to all AAPPM members, including incredibly discounted opportunities for e-Learning Conferences and CECHlectures. You can now benefit from:



The following special offers from our corporate partners are only available to current AAPPM Members:

AMERX Healthcare
Grow Amerigel

Wound care can be a tricky business, but products like Amerigel can help you help your patients suffering from wounds of all kinds. By dispensing this special product in your office, you save patients a trip to the pharmacy, significantly increase treatment compliance rates, and raise the per patient value (PPV) for your practice. AAPPM members are offered a risk-free trial of this product.

MD Private Label

MDPrivate Label Tuesday Tip #3

Looking for high-quality products to restock the items you dispense in-office? MD Private Label has you covered, allowing you to put your own name on the labels of the products you provide. This way patients know exactly where their products are coming from. The set-up fee for this service is waived for AAPPM members.



Practice Management Symposium Exhibitors

Every year we strive to connect incredible companies and resources to our doctors through our symposiums. This is an opportunity for member podiatrists to meet representatives of these corporate partners and sponsors, and possibly obtain products and services with special discounts.

Below is a list of our current corporate partners. For more information, visit our Corporate Partners page.

  • Altra Shoes
  • Amerx Health Care Corp.
  • Bako Integrated Physician Solutions
  • Blaine Labs
  • Dr. Comfort
  • EBM Medical
  • Forward Motion Labs
  • FOZ Networks—Ann Arbor Digital Devices
  • Hyperion Medical
  • ICS Software (The Sammy System)
  • littleSTEPS
  • Marlinz Pharma
  • MDPrivateLabel.com
  • Mile High Orthotics
  • Moore Medical
  • Officite
  • Online Podiatry Sites
  • Pedifix
  • PharmaDerm
  • PICA
  • Podiatree Company
  • Practice Management Institute
  • PRESENT e-Learning Systems
  • Redi-Thotics
  • SafeStep/Langer Biomechanics
  • Surefit
  • Top Practices
  • TRAKnet
  • Trinity Pharma Group
  • Vionic Group, LLC

We understand that providing great products and resources to your patients can be challenging and expensive. That’s why we make an effort to partner with corporate sponsors, so our members can take advantage of special offers and discounts to save money and still get incredible value. If you have any questions about our corporate sponsors or symposium exhibitors, contact us. You can use our online forms or call (517) 484-1930 to connect with us.