Evidence-Based Medicine &
Practice Management Overview

The purpose of residency is to obtain skills to practice medicine. Postgraduate training allows you to view and participate in medical decisions alongside many different doctors, allowing you to extrapolate information to shape your future clinical decisions. Part of this process is utilizing research and literature to identify evidence-based practice.

Though residents are bombarded with educational experiences and information, very few take the time to organize their education into practice guidelines.

The future of medicine will depend on efficiency, comprehensiveness, and compliance.

Hospitals are readily implementing practice guidelines, protocols, and procedures utilizing evidence-based medicine. The practice of evidence-based medicine and practice implantation has been popularized since the 1990s due to its ability to increase efficiency, improve outcomes, decrease mistakes, decrease liability, and increase revenue while decreasing wasted medical expenses.

Though many institutions and professional organization have developed practice protocols, very few practicing physicians create their own practice guidelines to implement in their private office.

Our challenge to today’s residents:

We challenge you to capitalize on your training by organizing your educational experiences into practice protocols. We have developed a curriculum to motivate you review literature, engage in clinical experience and to generate a plan of action for your future practice.

We encourage you to embrace the concept of protocol creation to stimulate discussion among clinicians and residents on best practices for common podiatric pathology. Expansion of the educational experience can be had by further discussion on billing and coding and patient education.

The protocol outlines can be used in future practice and altered as new evidence is presented in the literature.  These protocols can be used to assist in patient and staff education.

Though not every patient can be placed into a specific treatment protocol and medical knowledge and decision-making is a critical role in patient care, protocols are vital in promoting preparedness, efficiency, and decreasing mistakes in the private office.

Please consider participating in the AAPPM Evidence Based Medicine Protocols. The due date for submission is October 7th, 2012.

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