Planning for the Symposium: Get the Most Out of Each Day

Another incredible AAPPM Symposium is right around the corner, which means it’s time for you to start planning your time at the conference. Every AAPPM Symposium is packed to the brim with lectures, workshops, panels, social events, and more each day—and that’s not even counting your opportunities to interact with your colleagues and peers as well as check out the many exhibitors and suppliers that will be on-site. So much is happening over just a few days that it can be easy to feel lost or miss something important. That’s why planning for the symposium ahead of time is so vital for your experience.

More to See and Do Than Hours in a Day

Here’s the truth: with so many incredible lectures, workshops, and events packed into each day, you won’t be able to make it to them all. You may have to choose between a few great options for your morning and evening lectures, or decide if the all-day workshop option is what you need instead of attending different ones in the morning and afternoon. Some of the lectures and workshops qualify for CECH credits as well, which is another factor you need to consider if you are planning to receive CECH credit for the symposium.

With that in mind, you have to plan your days at the conference carefully to make sure you get the most out of it that you can, and still make time to talk with your peers and visit the exhibitors.

Deciding What Matters Most to YOU

Knowing you need to be selective about how you spend your time allows you to hone in on your practice’s unique needs. Spend some time before the Symposium considering your practice’s management needs and goals as you look over the conference’s schedule and list of workshops. If you have partners, discuss all this with them, and consider bringing your staff in on the discussion as well. Once you have a clearer idea of areas of growth for your practice, it will be easier for you to decide what lectures, workshops, roundtables, and other events to choose to attend.

Planning for the AAPPM MeetingThis could mean seeking out more information about rising to the challenges of billing compliance or changes to reimbursement models. If you’re looking for ways to increase your cash flow and bring in new patients, the sessions on marketing might be what you need instead. If you’re bringing staff members and know you’d like them to invest in hands-on training, you should discuss having them attend the medical assistant or office manager-specific workshops.

Once you’ve decided what will be best for you and your practice, write out your plan and get ready to learn at the Symposium!

Come Prepared to Learn

The Symposium takes place across several days of intense learning and networking. This may seem obvious, but to get the most out of your time, you need to come prepared to take notes to help you remember the “pearls of wisdom” you want to take back to your practice. Don’t take the importance of this for granted! Bring along loose paper or a notebook and your favorite pen, and take as many notes as you can. Write down questions you have ahead of time, or when you think of them, so you have them on-hand when you get a chance to ask. Simple things like bringing extra business cards are helpful, too, for when you make connections or want to trade information with others.

Prepping for CMOM-POD

The AAPPM SymposiumThe AAPPM is now offering unique courses in practical training to earn a new certification: the CMOM-POD, or Certified Medical Office Manager—Podiatry. Most office managers are incredibly capable, but have little to no training or experience in running a podiatry practice until they take the position. The new CMOM-POD certification course offers the hands-on training and knowledge you need to run a more efficient, effective office, whether you’re new to the job or a veteran.

As of the 2016 Fall Practice Management Symposium, we are completing and graduating our first CMOM-POD class. This symposium is a chance for you to learn more about the course, whether you’re an office manager considering it for yourself, or a doctor wondering if it’s right for your manager. As you’re planning for the Symposium, make a note to look into the CMOM-POD training to see if joining the next class would be right for your practice.

Make the Most of the Symposium Your Way!

Ultimately, any AAPPM Practice Management Symposium is what you make of it. We provide the opportunities and the connections; you have to take advantage of them. Planning for the Symposium ahead of time allows you to invest your time and energy in the events, workshops, lectures, and more that matter to you most. If you haven’t already registered for the Symposium, do that now and start planning for your event today! If you have any additional questions about this or anything else related to the AAPPM, let us know. You can contact us through our website or by calling (517) 484-1930