Investing in Membership: Benefits for Your Staff

A podiatry practice can succeed or fall on the merits and motivations of its staff. The doctor is, of course, at the center of everything. However, a physician cannot be everywhere or do everything at once. A doctor would be lost without his or her staff—particularly both office managers and medical assistants. Still, sometimes it can feel like staff have fewer outside resources and less support to do their jobs well than a doctor might. Fortunately, membership with the AAPPM doesn’t just benefit a physician; it also benefits the entire staff, and thus the practice as a whole.

Challenges Facing Podiatry Staff

The staff of a podiatry office face many-layered challenges on a daily basis. While the physician focuses on patient care and treatments, the rest of the staff must do everything else. Patients have to be checked in and checked out; tests have to be executed; marketing has to get done; tools and exam rooms have to be cleaned and disinfected; phones have to be answered; and almost everything has to be documented. Just like in any other profession, employees at a podiatry practice have to work together, follow protocols, and provide excellent customer service—all while keeping the doctor on track. Doing all of this well involves knowledge, training, and practice.

This is where AAPPM resources available to members can help.

Membership Benefits for Office Managers

Office managers who are AAPPM members have some unique and valuable resources available to them. You receive 24/7 access to a secure library that is packed with materials for you, from HR and practice protocol documents to information addressing compliance issues to useful example documents and more. You’re able to qualify for corporate discounts with AAPPM sponsors and partners, saving your practice money when you acquire OTC items to dispense to patients. You also have many opportunities to form powerful relationships with other office managers around the country, learning from those who have “been there and done that.”

CMOM PodiatryOffice managers now also have access to a program designed to empower and educate them more than ever before in their position. The Certified Medical Office Manager—Podiatry course, or CMOM-POD, is a new resource to help train office managers in all aspects of managing an efficient medical practice. Never before has this kind of certification existed specifically for managers in podiatry. Most podiatric practice managers have little to no formal training—they learned everything on the job. Now you have the opportunity to receive valuable education to minimize risks for your practice, instill you with confidence when dealing with third party companies, and manage your staff more effectively. Whether you’re new office management or a long-time pro, the course can help you grow in your position.


Membership Benefits for Medical Assistants

Medical assistants who are AAPPM members have access to several of the same benefits at the office managers. You also receive 24/7 access to secure information and resources to help you on the job. You’re able to connect with others who are in the same field as you and learn from them as well. More than this, however, you have incredible training opportunities.

AAPPM SymposiumAt AAPPM meetings and symposiums, you have a chance to receive hands-on training to improve or learn new techniques. After all, you have the unique position in that you are talking to and working directly with both patients and doctors in a variety of ways. These training opportunities are designed to help you excel in your position and provide greater help to both your physician and the patients you are serving. You’re also introduced to the products and suppliers that podiatrists work with every day. You can even learn basic scribing skills.

Partnering Your Practice with the AAPPM

In a practice, doctors and their staff rely on each other. Membership benefits from a supporting organization should extend beyond helping just one party to supporting all members of the practice as a whole. The AAPPM isn’t just for doctors—it’s a resource with benefits for staff members as well. If you’re a physician and looking to help enable your staff to be the best they can be for your practice, or you’re a staff member looking to grow in your field, membership with the AAPPM is for you. Joining is easy, and you can take advantage of the opportunities and benefits for your practice right away. Check out our applications, or contact us for more information about joining today. Just call (517) 484-1930 or use our online request forms to connect with us.