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The world of medicine evolves and grows as our research, knowledge, and technology all advance. This is good for both physicians and for patients: doctors are able to provide better and more accurate care, and patients live longer, healthier lives. However, this also comes with challenges. Increases in regulations and documentation, insurance requirements, and more on top of the ordinary challenges of treating patients and leading a staff has made managing a practice much more difficult. That’s where membership with the American Academy of Podiatric Practice Management (AAPPM) can make a difference for podiatrists all over the country.

What Membership with the AAPPM Can Do for You

IMG_7203The AAPPM is not a passive organization, designed to simply collect dues, look good on your CV, and then provide you with occasional educational information. It is a resource designed to connect podiatrists and their staff to resources, products, and services to help them master practice management and succeed in medicine. We take the success of our members seriously and want to do all we can to help podiatrists around the country however they need it most.

But what does that look like practically? It looks like many things. It’s offering discounts to attend the regular AAPPM meetings and annual symposiums. It’s providing 24/7 access to secure information, documents, and resources for doctors. It’s building connections with corporate sponsors to get discounts on unique products and services. It’s opportunities for mentorship from more experienced and successful members. It’s a chance for the CMOM-POD certificate. It’s hands-on training for doctors and their medical assistants.

AAPPM membership is many things—but ultimately, it is what you make it. We provide you with the many opportunities to grow and improve your practice management, saving you money and sanity in the long run. It is up to you to take those opportunities for your own practice.

Who Benefits from AAPPM Membership?

The AAPPM aims to be a beneficial resource for doctors and their staff alike—particularly for office managers and medical assistants. The hope is that doctors and their staff will work together to make the most of their resources and training opportunities to change and improve their practice management. This is why staff members get access to our secure library of resources, documents, and protocols. We also offer training opportunities to staff members like office managers and medical assistants to help them continue their own education and not only stay on top of the trends and changes in medicine, but be the greatest help they can be to their own doctors.

If you’d like to learn more about AAPPM Membership Benefits for Doctors, check here!

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Becoming a Member

Joining the AAPPM and gaining all these benefits for you and your practice is fairly simple. We have an online application process that allows you to apply for membership for yourself and any associates or staff members who wish to join. If you are not a current APMA member in good standing, we will accept your application and establish your AAPPM membership, sending you a welcome packet and helping you get connected to the benefits we provide. If you’re at all considering membership, don’t delay—apply today and take advantage of the benefits available to you.

Members Earn 20.5% More IncomeThe AAPPM is here to enable and ensure the success of quality podiatry practices around the country. Our incredible resources, opportunities, and member benefits are designed toward that goal—and the success of our members shows that improving practice management does make a difference. In fact, Podiatry Management’s 30th Annual Podiatric Economics Survey found that AAPPM members earned an average of 20.5% more income than non-members.

Only you can decide if becoming a member with the AAPPM is right for you and your practice. However, if you’re looking for opportunities to take your practice to the next level, membership is where you should start. Check out our membership application or contact us for more information. You can reach us through our website or by calling (517) 484-1930.

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