AAPPM Partners with PRESENT e-Learning Systems




The AAPPM proudly announces that the AAPPM has become the latest Alliance Partner within the PRESENT e-Learning Systems family.

This Alliance Partnership brings new membership benefits to you as an AAPPM member.  Through your AAPPM membership and the PRESENT e-Learning Alliance Partnership, you will now receive:

•    Discounted registration fee of $99 for all PRESENT e-Learning Conferences
•    A $60 free credit online CME lectures offered through PRESENT Podiatry website

In fact, the AAPPM website now includes a link to the PRESENT Podiatry CME products.

PRESENT e-Learning Systems  is also one of podiatry’s foremost live conference companies, presenting five conferences a year, including Desert Foot, Superbones Superwounds East and West, and the Residency Education Summits East and Midwest.  The AAPPM is already exploring the possibilities of bringing the podiatric practice management topics and speakers you’ve come to rely on to the PRESENT Podiatry conferences as well.

The AAPPM is very excited about this Alliance Partnership and the benefits it brings to the AAPPM membership.  The AAPPM encourages you to explore all that PRESENT Podiatry has to offer and hopes you enjoy your new membership benefits!