How an AAPPM Membership Can Rocket You Ahead

Perhaps you are a new podiatrist just striking out into the world with your own practice, and slowly starting to realize just how challenging it can be to keep your business viable.

Or maybe you are a veteran practitioner with a few years under your belt. Challenges certainly don’t stop here, but maybe you are in a position to drive forward and expand, keeping up with the demands of technology and your patient base.

Whatever page you are on in the story of your podiatric career, you do not have to forge ahead alone. The American Academy of Podiatric Practice Management was built on the premise of helping podiatrists and their staffs navigate necessities the of establishing, running, and growing their practices—throughout their entire careers.

If you have been considering joining the AAPPM, we would love to have you as part of our community.

There are many benefits to becoming an AAPPM member. We have cultivated them over more than half a century of service, and continue to expand upon them now!

Here are some of the great ways an AAPPM membership can help guide you towards success—whether you’re aiming for your first goals or bolstering an ever-growing practice.

A Helping Hand in the Business World

You spent years of medical education learning about the feet and ankles. Why? Because just that one area is complicated enough! Nobody expects anyone to know everything about the entire body. That’s why specialists exist.

And yet, getting out into the world, you quickly learn that podiatric knowledge isn’t all you need when you want to establish your own practice.

Can you learn all of this on your own? Maybe, but you can expect plenty of obstacles and stress along the way. Your focus, as much as possible, should stay on the actual podiatry you learned to do in the first place.

So why not have the expertise of a specialist?

The AAPPM can advise you on building the management side of your practice, using decades of experience and know-how. We can help you when you’re just starting out and feel lost in the desert, or have been around for a while but are feeling off course.

We Specialize in Specialists

Of course, there is no one person out there who can be a specialist in every aspect of business, either. You can be a “general practitioner,” certainly, but an expertise in every nook and cranny would require more than a lifetime of learning!

When you can’t have all the answers yourself, it’s best to surround yourself with others who have them. That’s exactly what we do at the AAPPM!

We provide our members with access to marketers, legal experts, compliance officers, and others with experience over the whole spectrum of practice management. Consult and get your questions answered at our workshops and conferences, and receive a steady stream of information through the year that answers questions you might not have even known you needed to ask!

24/7 Access to Resources

Looking for information, documents, protocols, and other tools within the world of practice management? Odds are good that our members-only library can help!

Our digital resources are available at any time of day or night. They’ve been curated over decades of research and consistently updated to reflect changing needs and requirements. All of it in one tidy place for members!

Leadership Training and Certification

Even when you have all the access and knowledge you need, you often still have to prove it auditors, compliance officers, and others who need to know your practice is being led well.

Our CMOM-POD certification program is a partnership with the Practice Management Institute (PMI), the nation’s leading provider of non-clinical practice management education. We provide a comprehensive curriculum focusing on multiple aspects of management, and provide continuing education to keep certification fresh and valid.

If members of your office staff have worked with you for more than a year, they are fantastic candidates for this program.

Bring it All Together at Our Conferences!

We are proud of the conferences we hold twice each year. This gives all our members a chance to meet and learn face-to-face with experts and consultants in practice management.

And, just as importantly, it gives podiatrists at all points in their journeys a chance to meet with each other. The ability to network, trade advice, and just have the comradery of others who know what you’re trying to do should never be underestimated!

Our next conference, from May 28-30 in Atlanta, will be packed full of workshops, seminars, and meeting opportunities for both you and your staff.

And a Bunch of Discounts, Too!

Discounts? Of course, there are discounts! What kind of membership doesn’t come with any?

AAPPM members do not only enjoy discounts to our conferences and other events, but can also take advantage of membership rates and special offers through our corporate partners and sponsors. Get the most out of the services that can best benefit your practice.

Make the Most Out of an AAPPM Membership

There are more benefits than we have mentioned here. Feel free to visit our Membership Page for even more of a rundown! You can also apply for membership there after you’ve had a read.

Your education has taken you a long way, and the AAPPM wants to help you get the most out of that: not only in terms of revenue, but enjoying a healthy work-life balance so you can actually savor the fruits of your labor—not drown in paperwork whenever you’re not helping patients.

If you have any questions, we are happy to speak with you. Give us a call at (517) 484-1930 to contact our office.