Why Collaborating with Your Peers Is So Crucial for Success

We don’t have to tell you that, as a species, we can achieve a whole lot more through collaboration and teamwork than we can all on our own.

It’s obvious.

Yet when it comes to business—and even in medicine—humans are so often governed by competition rather than cooperation.

Why would I ask the podiatrist across town how to run my practice? We’re competing for the same patients!

Maybe it’s fear of being mislead or tricked by your rival. Maybe it’s simply not wanting to admit your own lack of knowledge. Maybe it’s pride.

Or maybe you just never thought to ask!

But either way, our lack of collaboration isn’t just preventing us from running the most profitable and successful practices we possibly can. The quality of patient care suffers. Our relationships suffer. Our communities suffer.

All because we don’t know when to ask for help.

Nobody Has All the Answers

Now, if you’re fresh out of podiatry school and trying to hire a staff and open and run your own practice for the first time, the fact that you don’t have all the answers should be pretty obvious.

Sure, you were taught how to perform reconstructive rearfoot surgery and dress diabetic wounds, and already by the end of residency you can do those in your sleep. But probably nobody taught you to manage a payroll, or how to interview somebody for a job, or how to motivate people as manager, or how to market yourself effectively online.

It usually takes years to gain the knowledge and experience you need just to start feeling like you’ve got a handle on everything.

But here’s what you might not realize: Your professors didn’t have all the answers, either. Neither does the big shot podiatrist in town who’s been in practice for 30 years. Not even the president of the AAPPM has all the answers—a fact he’d be the very first to admit to you.

And guess what? If you’re the big shot podiatrist who’s been in practice for 30 years? You don’t have all the answers either. You may think you do, but we guarantee that there are other podiatry professionals out there who’ve learned things that you haven’t yet—things that could help you improve your profitability, efficiency, or job satisfaction even more.

And that’s the key thing to understand. The answers are out there. Somebody out there either knows the answer, or can help you discover it.

The question is … how do you find them?

All the Experts in One Place

All the way back in 1961, a small group of podiatric professionals decided that they could achieve more together than they could all on their own. They were going to put aside their pride and ego and work toward mutual success.

And so, the friendliest group in podiatry—the AAPPM—was born.

Today, our organization counts over a thousand members—including doctors, podiatric practice managers, marketing specialists, and medical assistants.

And we’re supported by, and partnered with, a team of leaders and industry experts in virtually every field relevant to podiatric practice management—financial advisors, digital marketing gurus, lawyers, business administrators, retirement planners, DME manufacturers, diagnosticians, software developers, and more—who not only know their own industries inside and out, but how they relate to the podiatric medical community, too.

We’ve worked hard to centralize this knowledge in order to make it accessible to our members. We don’t “hide the good stuff,” because we truly believe there’s more than enough potential patients out there for all of us to be successful.

We’ve even co-developed (with the Practice Management Institute) the world’s first (and only) executive manager certification program specifically tailored for podiatry, offered exclusively through our organization.

Attending our twice-per-year conferences—filled with engaging workshops, informative lectures, and opportunities for mentorship and collaborative problem-solving—is the best way for podiatric professionals in all stages of their careers to get their questions answered and grow their practice management skills.

Attendees are encouraged to ask questions, participate in roundtables and breakout groups, and share with one another. We even offer FREE 30-minute consultations with our industry experts, where you can ask specific, personal, focused questions to experts who only want to help you succeed.

Members also benefit from:

  • Exclusive members-only resource library with marketing, practice management materials, patient forms, and more.
  • Special deals and offers provided by our consultant and corporate partners
  • Educational webinars and emails packed with pearls of wisdom
  • Fellowship programs

We’re even helping to train the next generation of podiatrists through our mentorship program for students and residents, making sure that they’re able to hit the ground running by the time they reach private practice!

So now, take a second and think about your current situation.

Are you struggling to run your practice efficiently? Do you find yourself stuck in the office until 6, 7, 8 p.m. or on weekends getting everything done? Are you struggling to grow new patients as quickly as you’d like? Do you find it difficult to hire and retain the best employees?

If you’re like most doctors, there’s at least one big pain point in your practice that, if fixed, could help you unlock your potential and significantly improve your practice, your profitability, your happiness. Probably several, in fact.

If you’re waiting for the answer to simple come to you one day, in a vision, we have bad news for you—that day is probably not coming.

But what if you had a nationwide organization of doctors, office managers, MAs, and specialists (legal, marketing, software …) you could talk to, lean on, and collaborate with? People whose sole mission is to help you and people like you succeed?

That’s what we’re here for.

So come and collaborate with us! Check out our website for more information on our programs and upcoming conferences, and click the button below if you’re interested in become a member.