Running a Successful Practice Is a Team Effort

There’s no such thing as a “solo” practitioner.

Sure, you might be the only physician at your office. But trust us: no matter how good you think you are what you do, your practice is only as strong as its weakest link.

It takes a village (metaphorically speaking, anyway) to build and maintain a successful, profitable practice—not to mention one that’s personally fulfilling and fun to work at! From the physician to the medical assistants to the executive manager to the marketing specialist to the receptionist, everybody needs to bring their A-game if you want to fully realize your practice’s potential.

Fortunately, that’s what the AAPPM is here for. Comprehensive education and training in practice management, customer service, marketing and more for every member of your team.

Only As Strong As Your Weakest Link

Let’s start here by focusing on patient care and customer service.

Over and over again, research studies in social psychology have arrived at the same conclusion:

People are much better at remembering negative experiences than positive ones.

In other words, bad impressions, disappointments, and errors have a much greater impact on our thoughts, feelings, and decision making than good ones. We ruminate on them longer, and the sting wears off a lot slower than the joy of a good experience.

In the context of a podiatric practice where patients are interacting with multiple types of professionals at different times, this finding has very broad implications. If a patient feels mistreated on a phone call, for example, they probably aren’t going to make an appointment with you—no matter how competent and caring the rest of the staff may be.

The same is true for other members of the team. A bad experience at any of the touchpoints—phone call, reception, time with the MA, time with the doctor, billing—can sour a patient on the entire experience, even if every other aspect of the appointment was outstanding.

Furthermore, the “weakest link” observation also holds true in matters that aren’t necessarily directly tied to a patient having a good or bad experience. An MA that isn’t up-to-speed on the best way to fit a balance brace or coach a patient on using their DME means worse patient outcomes and lower patient compliance rates—which in turn adversely affects that patient’s likelihood of returning or referring.

We’re not trying to pick on your employees, and we are definitely not saying that firing and hiring has to be the answer. But what we are saying is that you have to invest in and educate every member of your team to be a top shelf performer if you want top shelf results.

They all want to do their best and make money for the practice. And, very likely, they are all more than smart and capable enough to do an amazing job. They just might not know how to do so.

In fact, the “weakest link” doesn’t even really have to be a person or employee. It could be a counterproductive policy, a poor piece of scheduling software, outdated medical or any other aspect of your practice that’s holding you back.

And if you’re being honest with yourself, the truth is that you might not know how to fix it either. After all, you went to med school to become a doctor. You probably didn’t get too much instruction on how to run a business efficiently. But those are skills you’re going to need—and your people are going to need them, too.

Again, that’s what the AAPPM is here for.

Comprehensive Training For Your Whole Team, In All Aspects of Practice Management


Unique among professional medical organizations, the AAPPM’s conferences, programming, educational materials, and resource libraries are geared toward all aspects of practice management, for all players on your team.

Our semiannual conferences—the latest just wrapped in Baltimore, and the next is set for Daytona in November—feature dedicated daily tracks for physicians, office managers, and medical assistants, as well as general sessions with workshops and lectures that may be relevant to everyone.

Bringing your entire team, dividing and conquering, and then regrouping to share pearls and insights is a great strategy that can yield huge benefits! While your medical assistants are developing their DME skillset and knowledge base, your office manager might be in a roundtable discussion on risk management with legal experts, your marketer is getting a crash course in online reputation management, and your physician is learning dermatological techniques!

No matter what your job function in the office is or your level of experience, each AAPPM conference is an amazing opportunity to learn from the best and develop practical, relevant skills essential for the successful operation of any practice.

Our conferences are also when live proctored exams for the CMOM-POD certification takes place. This is the only accredited certification program out there specifically for podiatric practice office managers, and we’re proud to say it was co-developed and is exclusively offered by the AAPPM.

And of course, conferences are a great way for doctors, certified office managers, and medical assistants to earn a boatload of continuing education credits to maintain those certifications, too!

But what about all those long months between conferences? Your AAPPM membership still provides a ton of both direct and indirect benefits, including:

  • Monthly educational webinars
  • A treasure trove of key tools, forms, and documents in our constantly-updated, members-only resource library
  • Discounts and special offers from our corporate and consultant partners
  • Mentorship opportunities and peer relationships with the people who run some of the most successful practices in the country
  • Fellowship opportunities

Basically, if you want comprehensive training for everybody on your team, in a way that’s fully integrated and consistent, from people who have been in your shoes and only want to share what they’ve learned, there’s no substitute for the AAPPM—the friendliest group in podiatry, bar none.

If you’re interested in learning more about our organization, feel free to review all the materials available on this website, or even give us a call! You can also click here to apply for membership, or click here to renew an existing membership.