The Perks and Benefits of an AAPPM Membership

We’re biased, sure. But when it comes to professional organizations and memberships available to podiatric professionals, there’s no better value out there than the AAPPM.

Big claim. We know.

Fortunately, we’re prepared to back it up. Because whether you’re looking at specific perks (like discounts, training tools, certification tools) or big-picture goals (profitability, personal satisfaction), absolutely nobody does it better.

We’ve been at this for more than 50 years and still going strong! Why? Because of the incredible value the AAPPM provides to its members every day, every year, from residency to retirement.

Most New Podiatrists Are Missing HALF of the Training They Need to Be Successful

Think about it.

All podiatrists are required to undergo extensive schooling and residency training in order to get their license. From undergraduate studies to podiatry school to surgical training, that’s over a decade of hard work dedicated to achieving your dream.

But that focus is almost exclusively on medical skills.

Something’s missing here, wouldn’t you say?

Because at the end of all that schooling, new podiatrists are suddenly thrown into a world that they’re totally unprepared for: the business world.

And in order to be successful practitioners, medical skills are only half the equation. You’ll need to know how to competently run a business. Hire the right people. Market yourself skillfully in the digital age. Manage payroll. Stay compliant with all state and federal regulations and avoid legal trouble.

You know what your medical training has to say about all that stuff? “Good luck kid. You’re on your own.”

That’s where the AAPPM steps in.

You already know how to provide incredible medical care to your patients. The AAPPM teaches you how to run your practice efficiently, profitably, and successfully.

You know, so you can actually get to a point where you can spend your days doing what you really wanted to do in the first place—help people. Not trying to find the road to profitability with no map, no compass, and a blindfold.

Specific Perks for Doctors and Staff

So how are we able to provide that extra half of your training and get you on your way to building a thriving practice?

Here are some of the big ones:

  • Easy access to the best minds in the business. Our regular webinars, e-mails, and conferences are packed with great information from leaders in their field—doctors, marketers, legal experts, and more. Get your questions answered at a seminar or workshop or take advantage of our free consultation opportunities and numerous Q&A and roundtable sessions at AAPPM conferences.
  • Secure access to the greatest information and tools. Our members-only resource center gives you 24/7 access to valuable tools, forms, HR and practice protocol documents, compliance information, and a whole lot more! This treasure trove of essential information has been developed and curated over many years by dozens of professionals and is continually refined, providing you with the latest, most effective, and most important information.
  • Mentorship and fellowship. There’s no competition or ego in the AAPPM—there’s more than enough potential patients for us all to be successful, and we take pride in helping each other get there. Learn firsthand from peers from around the country who have faced the same challenges, share knowledge and strategies, and learn from one another!
  • Unbelievable discounts. AAPPM members enjoy discounts on conference fees (for themselves and their staff), as well as tools and programs from our incredible corporate partners and sponsors. It doesn’t take much to earn back your membership dues many times over with great information and resources you can incorporate into your practice and start making money right away.
  • Essential training for staff. The AAPPM isn’t just for doctors! Any podiatrist who wants to succeed needs a well-trained team to provide support—which means doctors have to invest in them and give them the tools to do it! The AAPPM provides educational resources, opportunities, and training for medical assistants, billers, coders, and even offers the only accredited certification program specifically for podiatric executive office managers. Doctors out there: How would you like to be able to put running the business in the hands of your manager, with total confidence, while you focus on medicine?

AAPPM Meetings

The twice-annual AAPPM conferences are where it all comes together. You’re never going to find a greater assembly of the best and brightest minds in the industry—successful doctors and practice managers and thought leaders in every field relevant to practice management—all in one place, and all there for the sole purpose of freely sharing that knowledge with you.

Although non-AAPPM members can attend our conferences, registration fees are substantially slashed for members.

Our upcoming spring conference, set for May 16-18, 2019 in Baltimore, is (in our humble opinion) going to be the best one yet. Sessions have been constructed to maximize facilitated roundtable discussions, hands-on workshops, and opportunities for interactive learning.

We’ve also got some awesome surprise offers that a few lucky attendees have a chance to win from our corporate partners, including a FREE registration to the 2019 Top Practices Summit meeting in San Antonio (September 13-15), a FREE new website developed by VMD Services, and a FREE Apple Watch from Weave.

When you factor in the registration discounts for AAPPM members, the incredible value of the knowledge you’ll gain and relationships you’ll develop, and even potentially winning some prizes, your investment in the AAPPM will pay itself back many times over.

Looking at the Big Picture

Let’s not get lost in the details, which can be overwhelming. Instead, let’s take a step back and get a wider view.

We aim to positively change the lives, practices and communities of podiatric physicians through leadership and practice management education and sharing knowledge.

And what do all these meetings, discounts, perks, and other benefits add up to? What do they really mean to you specifically?

That is going to depend on you, and what you want to get out of your practice and your career. But here are some popular answers that might resonate with you:

Make More Money

According to a 2012 Podiatry Management survey, AAPPM members who take advantage of their opportunities and resources earn 20.5% more than non-member peers. Or in other words, that’s like a full extra year or collections every five years.

If you have a struggling practice, we can help you gain financial stability and independence. If you already have a stable and strong practice, we can help you build it into a thriving, growing, multi-million one.

Get More of Your Time Back

What if your days actually, truly ended at 5 p.m.? What if you could leave after your last patient of the day, confident that your paperwork will be completed correctly? That office supplies would be ordered and payroll would be processed?

Our training programs cut through the chaos and help doctors and staff build an efficient, effective, and productive practice. That way everyone goes home on time and can spend more time recharging and relaxing.

Improve the Quality of Your Care

If you aren’t constantly learning and improving your craft, you’re not staying in place—you’re going backward. Our seminars, workshops, lectures, and other training opportunities can teach you how to add new surgical techniques, DME, and other procedures and tools directly into your practice and help doctors and medical assistants broaden their range of medical skills.

But it’s not just about medical skill, either. You’ll also learn how to communicate better with patients, too. That means they’re more likely to follow through on their homework, more likely to have better medical outcomes, more likely to return to your office for future problems, and more likely to recommend you to their friends and family.

As you can see, an AAPPM membership can provide a massive return on investment for you and your practice—at least if you’re committed to taking full advantage of everything that membership provides!

Members who are dedicated to learning, growing, developing their practice management skills have seen incredible results—and you can too!

For more information, please feel free to reach out to the AAPPM by phone or through our online contact form. If you’re ready to get started on applying or renewing your membership, go ahead and click one of the buttons below!