6 Reasons You CAN’T Miss the Anaheim Conference

The early bird flew the coop. Opening day is just three short weeks away. But that doesn’t mean the doors on this year’s fall conference have closed!

On the contrary: whether or not you’ve ever been to an AAPPM conference before, this fall’s event is one you absolutely cannot afford to miss.

If you still haven’t registered yet, it’s possible you might already be starting to feel a bit of FOMO. (That’s “fear of missing out.”) And you know what? You should feel that way.

Sorry. But it’s true.

If you don’t go, here’s just a taste of what you’re going to miss.

You Won’t Be Able to Rack Up Those Credit Hours

AAPPM conferences are always loaded with opportunities for podiatrists, medical assistants, and executive managers to knock out their continuing education requirements for license and certification renewals. Our Disneyland conference is no exception to the rule!

Podiatrists will have a number of CECH credits to choose from with up to 12.75 available to earn, including:

  • Shorter lectures and workshops on skin and nerve biopsy techniques, laser treatments, wound care, orthotics, coding, and running injuries.
  • Half-day workshops on fall prevention and pediatrics.
  • Full-day workshops on coding and compliance.

Executive managers looking to re-certify their CMOM-Pod (including those who pass their exam at the conference!) can earn 6 credit hours during the all-day Friday executive manager track. If you missed our summer conference, this will be your last opportunity to earn the required minimum CE from AAPPM conferences this year.

And medical assistants with a PMAC have an impressive 21 credit hours to choose from throughout the program, including workshops and lectures focused on treatment techniques, coding and compliance, and office management.

You’ll Miss Out on a Golden Opportunity to Consult with the Experts

Under normal circumstances, speaking with an expert—lawyer, doctor, business consultant, financial advisor etc.—for even a short period is expensive. Their time is valuable.

At the AAPPM conference, it’s FREE.

All of our resident experts, industry leaders and consultant partners don’t just lead workshops, give lectures, and then call it a day. They also make their knowledge and time available to conference attendees for 30-minute consultations that are absolutely free.

This is one of the biggest perks included with your registration, but keep in mind that even our experts can’t stop time to fulfill every possible request.

So be sure to reach out to them ahead of the conference to schedule a time!

Awesome Deals Will Slip Through Your Fingers

Free consulting time isn’t the only way to save yourself some green. Our corporate partners will be on hand, and many of them will be offering exclusive discounts, special offers only available to conference attendees, and other sweet deals that you can’t find anywhere else.

There’s no better place or time to stock up on medical products and develop key relationships with professionals and service providers.

Our corporate partners represent a diverse array of fields, products, and specialties crucial to the success of any podiatry office—everything from wound care products, diabetic shoes, and other DME to marketing, practice management, legal services, web development, diagnostics, EMR/EHR software, and a whole lot more.

And they’re all excited to cut you a great deal! But you have to be there.

A Great Chance to Substantially Grow Your Practice Could Pass You By

The last day of the conference, Saturday, is devoted to in-depth workshops—a full day coding and compliance bootcamp, plus half-day workshops on a variety of topics.

These half-day workshops are geared toward ambitious, eager professionals looking to rapidly grow and transform their practice by adding or expanding key service areas and improving their visibility and standing in the community—both among patients and referring physicians.

What can you learn in half a day? How about:

  • How to make fall prevention and risk assessment among the elderly population a key part of your practice, including making orthopedic assessments, identifying risk factors, the role of DME, key features of a balance AFO and footwear. Learn about how you can use this service to improve your patients’ lives—and demonstrate your value to financial investors and referring physicians.
  • Why pediatrics is the “hidden secret” of podiatry and an incredible opportunity you have to fill a community need that is in woefully short supply. This workshop will help you effectively communicate the necessity of value of pediatric podiatry to parents and caregivers, sharpen your intake skills, and better prescribe children’s orthotics for preventative care.
  • How to get the word out with a comprehensive approach to marketing. Let’s be honest: most of us have probably felt, at one time or another, “does marketing really make a difference for my podiatry practice?” We’ll show you why marketing may actually be the most valuable use of your time, and how to bring it all together with a comprehensive and effective strategy (rather than just “spray and pray” tactics).
  • How to bring Disney-level customer service to your practice and increase patient satisfaction, compliance, outcomes, and referrals. The truth is, it really isn’t that hard to exceed your patients’ expectations, direct their experience, and even deal with unhappy patients constructively and compassionately—sometimes even turning them into your most passionate advocates!

There’s No Better Opportunity to Train Your Whole Team

The beauty of AAPPM conferences is that they’re not just for one member of your team. The lectures and workshops are planned and arranged to maximize educational value for each individual—doctor, manager, or MA.

In other words, we want every member of your team to spend every possible second of the conference in workshops that are directly beneficial and relevant to their specific role.

What that means is that you and your team will never get a better chance to divide and conquer, depending on what your practice needs most.

Friday’s schedule features full-day tracks for doctors, medical assistants, and executive managers. On other days, you can band together or split up. Maybe physicians go to the pediatric and fall prevention workshops, while a manager attends the customer service and marketing sessions. Or maybe you all need a refresh on coding!

In short, the more people you bring, the more ground you can cover. Being able to train your entire team on such a wide array of core skills—in one place at one time—is a rare and unique opportunity you just can’t get anywhere else.


All conference activities shut down each day at 5:30. You already know the reason why.

Disneyland and its sister park, California Adventure, are filled with sights, sounds, and rides to delight guests of all ages.

Taking the whole family along to join in the fun is encouraged, but definitely not mandatory—there’s plenty for adults to enjoy. In addition to whimsical, immersive, and thrilling themed areas and rides, you can also find plenty of fine dining, and even some pretty great drinks (albeit at Downtown Disney or California Adventure—Disneyland Park itself is dry).

Discounted group tickets to one or both parks, for multiple days, may be purchased in advance up to 9 p.m. the day before the start of the conference. They cannot be purchased the day of at the gate, so don’t forget!

So now do you see why you just can’t pass this opportunity by?

We hope so!

See you soon.