Top 4 Reasons You Should Go to the AAPPM Fall Conference

It might be hard to believe it now, but the next exciting, action-packed AAPPM conference is less than three months away!

We’re still putting the finishing touches on the full conference agenda, but we’re already pumped for what’s in store! It’s going to be another great one, and we’re really looking forward to seeing you there.

Still on the fence about locking in your registration and taking advantage of those early bird rates (good through October 3)? Then allow us to whet your appetite.

Here are four great reasons we’ll be attending—and you should too!

Reason Number 1: Disneyland!


Let’s not ignore the elephant—err, mouse—in the room here. True, all of our past (and future!) host cities have been awesome and totally unique and memorable experiences. But, you have to admit there’s something a little extra special about Disneyland. They don’t call it The Happiest Place on Earth for nothing!

The conference itself will be right on the resort grounds at the Disneyland Hotel, and attendees and their families will be able to extend their stays and purchase discounted tickets to the theme parks. Plus, for those feeling a little more adventurous, the city of Anaheim has plenty more interesting things to do—great parks, awesome food, engaging museums, and even one of the coolest flight simulators you can find anywhere.

In other words, this is one AAPPM conference where you’re going to want to bring the kids along and make it a full-blown family vacation.

Reason Number 2: Actionable Advice on Turning Your Dreams into Reality

The theme of this fall’s conference is “If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It.” That’s a motto we firmly believe in at the AAPPM.

Our keynote speaker, Jeff Barnes, will be sharing some key takeaways from the life and philosophy of Walt Disney, including the importance of continuing to dream for a bigger and better future, how success is determined by the decisions we make, and why it’s so important to go “all in” for yourself and your team.

Did you know, for example, that Walt Disney decided to move to California and found his own animation studio only after going bankrupt, at age 21, producing animated shorts for a local Kansas City dentist? That decision changed his life, and the course of entertainment history. What choices will you make to guide you toward success?

We’re looking forward to an inspirational speech, but of course those of you who have been to a few AAPPM conferences know that it’s not all about motivational words and inspirational platitudes. The rest of the conference will be loaded with workshops, seminars, lectures, and focus groups that will help you with the what and how of making those dreams a reality.

We help you grapple with the biggest frustrations and practical questions facing the world of podiatry today, and move past them with actionable insights and solutions from industry leaders and experts—as well as your peers, who have walked the same path you’re on and come out stronger.

Reason Number 3: Networking Time with The Best Practice Management Minds in America

This is another great perk that veteran attendees know well, but it’s so good we have to keep bringing it up. Where else can you get 30 minutes of time, from a bona-fide industry-leading expert, for the low, low price of absolutely free?

That’s right—all our consultant partners and speakers are available throughout the conference for half hour chats with anyone who wants one, until all slots are filled. (In other words, reach out to schedule a time now if you don’t want to miss out!) This costs you nothing extra; it’s included with your registration.

If you have a burning question about something specific in your practice, and you need the advice of a good lawyer, digital marketing specialist, retirement planner, medical billing expert—you get the idea—you’ll never get a better opportunity. Not only are our consultants among the best minds in their respective fields, but they all have extensive experience working specifically with podiatrists and podiatric practices.

Of course, you’ll also have great opportunities to network with your colleagues—not only in “official” discussion groups or breakout sessions, but also on the convention floor, the hotel pool, the bowling alley at Downtown Disney, or the microbrew. It might be that a bit of insight from a colleague who has faced the same challenges you’re now facing can be one of the most valuable takeaways of your weekend.

Reason Number 4: Discounts!

As always, the AAPPM conference will feature special offers, discount prices, and other benefits from our multitudes of corporate and consultant partners and speakers. That includes everything from marketing and website help to DME, e-Learning systems and software, practice management coaching, legal advice, and so much more.

Whether you need a great price on products you already use in your office every day, or expert services to help you improve your efficiency, marketing, and profitability, the AAPPM is proud to offer its conference attendees the best value on the best and most critical resources for working podiatrists and their teams today.

Oh, and of course, there’s also those discounts on room rates and passes for Disneyland. Did we mention we’re going to be in Disneyland?

Don’t Forget to Sign Up!

Once again, make sure you register you and your team, reserve your room at the Disneyland Hotel, and scoop up your discount park admission tickets on time!

  • Early bird pricing on conference registration is valid through October 3
  • Discounted group room rates are available through October 7, or until all rooms are booked
  • Discounted park passes can be purchased through November 3, and must be purchased online in advance—they will not be sold on site

We look forward to seeing you in the Happiest Place on Earth!