Meet the Keynote Speaker: Nicholas Morgan

For Nicholas Morgan, it’s all about giving back and serving the community.

A veteran and entrepreneur, Morgan has lead an inspiring life of service. The AAPPM is delighted to have him delivering our keynote address at our summer conference in Columbus!

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Nicholas Morgan: Building Teams and Building Confidence

Staff Sergeant Nicholas Morgan served six years in the United States Army as a noncommissioned officer, military intelligence analyst, and paratroopers. After his first four years of service, Morgan transitioned back to civilian life and began a career in commercial insurance.

But it was short-lived. In April 2005, he was recalled to active service and deployed to Baghdad, where he served as a convoy commander. The following year, while leading a convoy, his vehicle hit an improvised explosive device and the convoy came under fire. Morgan was injured (and ultimately spent two months recovering from his wounds), and yet was able to lead his soldiers out of harm. He was awarded a Bronze Star for his actions, and a Purple Heart for his injuries.

After leaving the service for good, Morgan founded Patriot Insurance Agency in Houston, an independent agency that works with multiple insurance companies to provide comprehensive and specialized commercial and business coverage across Texas. The company has grown tremendously over the last decade with Morgan as president.

Helping veterans adjust to civilian life and find meaningful employment, camaraderie, and opportunities for community service has been one of Morgan’s passions. In 2016, he founded Adaptive Construction Solutions (ACS) to address this emerging need.

Owned and run by veterans, ACS recruits local veterans and trains recent veterans for careers in selected industries, including iron and steel work. ACS partners with local businesses and industries to fill labor shortages with competent, qualified candidates. This provides significant benefits for both the local economy, and for veterans looking to re-integrate and find stable, rewarding employment and financial independence.

In addition to job training and placement, ACS is committed to community outreach and disaster relief. Within the first six months of operation, ACS participated in major disaster response missions in Baton Rogue and in Orangeburg County, South Carolina.


During his keynote address to the AAPPM, Morgan will talk about the importance of training and follow-through, and how instilling self-confidence and providing meaningful opportunities leads to employee engagement, loyalty, and better outcomes. It’s sure to be an inspiring speech that you won’t want to miss!

Morgan’s keynote address is just the start of a plethora of events we have planned around building up your practice and staff. We look forward to seeing you in Columbus!