Happy People, Better Results: Getting the Most out of Your Staff

Does your office run like a well-oiled machine? Are doctors and staff alike happy and productive? Do your office manager, administrative support, and medical assistants have the training and support they need to be successful? Or is your team over-stressed, under-trained, confused, and always playing catch-up?

The truth is that even very experienced and dedicated doctors and staff members can have knowledge, training, or even happiness gaps that prevent practices from being as efficient and profitable as they can be. There’s so much involved in running a practice—everything from compliance and coding, to managed care delivery and DME, to customer service and human resources, to billing and marketing—that true mastery is a process of lifelong learning.

Podiatry managers, assistants and staff want to make their doctors proud and make them money. But they don’t always have the knowledge and tools they need to do their jobs to the best of their ability, and doctors may not have the time or ability to train them. That takes a toll, not only on productivity and profitability, but workplace culture and happiness, too.

But there’s good news! The AAPPM provides curriculum, training courses, and even certification programs that help you get the most out of the staff you already have. This includes:

  • Exclusive, members-only access to a secure library of training materials, important forms, protocol documents, and more on a wide range of critical topics.
  • Extensive, hands-on workshops and training courses for office managers and medical assistants at AAPPM conferences.
  • CMOM-Pod, the world’s first and only training course and certification program specifically for podiatry practice managers, which teaches and tests mastery of compliance, practice administration, leadership, employee relations, financial management, managed care delivery, DME, insurance, billing, and more.
  • A certification program for podiatric medical assistants currently in development, with an expected launch in late 2017.
  • Mentorship and learning opportunities from fellow AAPPM members, who have been through the same struggles that you have and are happy to share what they’ve learned!

With the resources available to our membership, staff can get the knowledge and training they need to do their jobs. The doctor can spend more time focusing on providing great patient care and developing their medical skills, and leave work secure in the knowledge that his or her team can handle the business and managerial work. Everybody is more efficient, less stressed, happier, more productive—and that means better patient outcomes, personal satisfaction, and financial success.

Check out our website for more information on resources and opportunities available to doctors, managers, and medical assistants—and don’t forget to register for our fall conference in Atlanta, GA!