Founded in 1961, the American Academy of Podiatric Practice Management (AAPPM) has been helping podiatric physicians improve their practices — and improve their lives — for over half a century through leadership education, practice management education, and sharing knowledge.
The AAPPM hosts regular conferences and symposiums to benefit its membership of over 2,000 practitioners, residents, podiatric assistants, executive office managers, staff members, and students. Never been to one of our conferences? Here’s what some of our members have to say:


Here’s the Buzz about the AAPPM Symposiums

“I have been a member of AAPPM since 2008.  From the weekly email newsletters to their comprehensive conferences, I love learning the pearls of wisdom and timely advice the AAPPM leaders share with the membership.  My staff and I have implemented many of their ideas and as a direct result, my practice and patients have benefitted from it.  Great bang for the buck.”     ~Nicole Freels, DPM

AAPPM Symposium Mentoring“This has been the most influential and gratifying conference I have ever attended in the Podiatry arena. Having only been practicing for eight months, there were many questions and concerns I had in regards to practice efficiency, marketing, and billing, just to name a few. The faculty I have come into contact with were more than willing to offer their wisdom and strategies to being a successful Podiatrist and businessman. I feel that in podiatry school and in residency, there are not enough practice management skills that are being taught to us and this causes a very palpable fear as we transition into practice. This conference has renewed my confidence and has given me the tools I need to reach my personal goals and for that I am truly grateful.”     ~Benjamin Tehrani, DPM, AACFAS


“This is by far the best conference I have been to during my short time practicing. Relevant information, straight forward answers to questions and very knowledgeable speakers. It was actually beneficial for me to attend the lecture and I felt like I was learning so much!”    ~Bridget Brondon, DPM


Rem Jackson, Top Practices“I’ve been practicing for 22 years. I just began attending AAPPM Meetings, and I have no idea how I have survived for 22 years. The information I’ve learned already is information every podiatrist needs.”     ~Angel Cuesta

“I can’t believe how generous the AAPPM speakers are with the information they share. They give away all their knowledge and want all podiatrists to succeed.”     ~Johanne Johnson


“I’ve been to a lot of meetings, and this one stands out. I love meetings where people share ideas that work, and there is so little of that in podiatry. Incredible to learn of all the money I’ve lost and time I wasted. I wish I would have come to AAPPM long ago.”      ~Dr. Brian McDowall

“I love this academy and all this done for my personal and practice growth!”
~Mikkel Jarman, DPM

AAPPM Symposium Panel

“Attending an AAPPM Conference is always stimulating and inspiring.  Even if you have been to one, five or ten AAPPM Meetings in the past – you will find new ways to motivate yourself, re-energize your practice and revitalize your daily podiatric life.  Whether you are a new practitioner or a seasoned surgeon, the American Association of Podiatric Practice Management will guide you in the right direction to manage your practice with multiple innovative ideas, strategies and pathways to success.”
~Marlene Reid, DPM, FACFAS, FASPS