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Leadership Training & Certification

Whether you are currently running a practice or want to acquire the skills to become a practice leader, this program will expand your knowledge with detailed modules.  The AAPPM has proudly partnered with the Practice Management Institute (PMI), the nation’s leading and largest provider of non-clinical practice management education, to be the exclusive provider of this CMOM-POD certification program to the podiatric profession.

CMOM-POD certification demonstrates to providers, auditors, compliance officers, employers and business associates that you have achieved advanced knowledge and skills to succeed in a podiatric practice management role.

The expertise gained in this program can protect providers from risks, motivate employees and improve the podiatric practice’s financial outlook.

Certification helps instill confidence when communicating with providers, third-party payers, patients and business associates.

Take charge of practice administrative issues so that providers can focus on quality patient care.

Certification improves your value to the practice and bolsters your career.


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This program includes a course manual, homework exercises, and one certification exam. Participants may take up to four hours to complete the CMOM-POD exam.  A passing score of 70% or better is required to earn the CMOM-POD certification designation.

Course Prerequisite

Candidates for CMOM-POD certification should have a minimum of one year of experience working in a podiatric medical practice. Participants with less than one year of experience should complete supplemental medical office training prior to enrolling in this program.

Required Class Materials

PMI will provide all candidates with the course manual and homework exercises. No supplementary reference materials are required for this program. A calculator is recommended.

Webinar Instruction

The program instruction is a self-paced learning format. Participants will learn from twelve to fourteen 60-minute webinar sessions. Recordings can be accessed online anytime within about 24-48 hours after the original recording date.

Certification by Exam

One live proctored exam. The exam is proctored live at any AAPPM Spring or Fall Conference. The certification exam is included in the enrollment fee. Once the course is complete, candidates make arrangements to sit for the certification exam by registering for either the AAPPM Spring or Fall Conference.

January 2021 Virtual Conference

CMOM-POD Program Registration

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Continuing Education

Once certified, all CMOM-POD executive managers will need to earn 12 continuing education units each year to maintain the CMOM-POD certification.

There are a number of ways to obtain CMOM-POD CEU:

  • Attend AAPPM conferences. A minimum of 6.0 CEU’s are offered per conference. A minimum of 6.0 CEU MUST be obtained from an AAPPM conference per year.
  • Watch Practice Management Institute Webinars. Each webinar is typically worth either 1.0 CEU or 1.5 CEU depending on the webinar (CEU listed online). Visit http://www.pmimd.com/ and click on ‘new webinars’ listed on the right-hand side to read the webinar topics and the amount of CEU each webinar offers. A maximum of 6.0 CEU’s are allowed for these activities.
  • Join Top Practice’s Virtual Practice Management Institute. Every month of membership is worth 0.5 CEU. To learn more information on Top Practice’s Virtual Practice Management Institute, visit http://www.toppractices.com/practice_areas/virtual-practice-management-institute.cfm. A maximum of 6.0 CEU’s are allowed for these activities.
  • Have Tuesday Tip articles published. Every week the AAPPM publishes at least one tip to help practices operate more efficiently, learn something new in podiatry, understand new technology, answer timely questions, etc. As the most elite of podiatric executive managers, CMOM-POD executive managers are aware of the ways to administer podiatric practices. Share your knowledge and ideas and earn 1.0 CEU for each tip. A maximum of 6.0 CEU’s are allowed for these activities.
  • Have an AAPPM website blog published. Periodically, the AAPPM publishes new blogs on its websites. Just like Tuesday Tips, CMOM-POD executive managers have many ideas beneficial to other practices across the country. Share your knowledge and ideas and earn up to 6.0 CEU’s by having blogs published to the AAPPM website.
  • The AAPPM has added an additional membership benefit with DPro Healthcare.  DPro provides online learning modules on a number of relevant topics for every practice.  Each module is equivalent to 1 CEU, and you can subscribe at reduced rates through AAPPM/CMOM-POD.


April 17

Spring Coding & Compliance Virtual Conference

Time 10:00am – 1:00pm EST

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September 11

End of Summer Marketing Virtual Conference

Time: 10:00 am – 1:00 pm EST

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November 11-13

Fall Conference

Save the Date! November 11-13th, The Woodlands Resort, The Woodlands, TX

Registration will open Summer 2021.