Mentoring Programs

Any AAPPM member who is an Associate 1 to 4 member (in practice four years or less) or opening their own office for the first time qualifies to become an AAPPM mentee. AAPPM mentors are ready to help their fellow members with questions on billing codes, software, acquiring hospital privileges, advice on finding a practice to purchase and setting up a new practice, and other topics.

Any AAPPM member with the desire to improve themselves and help a colleague along the way is invited to apply to AAPPM to become a mentor. The mentor’s role is to motivate, to guide and to counsel the fellow AAPPM member assigned to him or her. As a motivator, the mentor is available to answer questions on the mentee’s practice and to encourage the mentee to accept challenges that he or she might otherwise shy away from. The mentor serves as both a guide and a networking resource. Mentoring is a two-way street. Mentor and mentees learn from each other.

AAPPM will provide both mentees and mentors guidelines on how to establish and maintain a relationship that benefits both parties.

Please click here to read some testimonials by mentees on how valuable their mentor has been to them personally and to their practice.

If each of us can help a colleague become more successful, it will help our profession elevate itself. The benefits for all of us are immense.

It is easy to sign up to become a mentor or mentee. Please fill out the information below. It will be sent to the AAPPM office. If you have questions, please call the AAPPM office at 517-484-1930 or email