Links to Other Podiatry Related Organizations

DME (Durable Medical Equipment)
Contains all the rules, fees, and guidelines for billing and understanding DME.

CMS (Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services)
Contains everything a doctor would want to know about Medicare billing, fees, CCI edits and much more. Also contains the Medlearn program, a valuable resource for ordering books and understanding guidelines.

CCI Edits (Correct Coding Initiative)
Site devoted to the entire list of CCI edits.

Medicare Regional Carriers
Medicare Regional Carriers website from your regional medical carrier. This site is specific to your local Medicare Carrier. This is a must for providers. The site contains LMRP (local medical review policies specific to your state). Call your local carrier to find the web address or just do a search. It is well worth the research! For example is the site for Wisconsin Physician Services (MI, Il, MN, WI). Check it out.

Local Medical Review Policies
¬†Contains all the LMRPs for the entire country. You can search by state, entire country, or DME related. These policies address specific decisions with respect to procedures under Medicare’s jurisdiction. The policies can also be queried by National or local decisions.

Office of the Inspector General website
Publishes reports on investigations and upcoming topics. You can see what’s on the radar screen each year.

APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association)
Loaded with many resources on what’s happening in the country with respect to podiatry. Contains a section on insurance issues. Well worth visiting!