Learn and Grow: 2016 Fall Symposium Workshops

Practicing medicine and managing a practice are both challenging endeavors. Both are fields that are changing rapidly, leaving physicians and their staffs to figure out how to implement new regulations, use new technologies, and so on. Conferences like the AAPPM 2016 Fall Practice Management Symposium seek to fill in the knowledge gap and help practitioners both get connected to resources as well as learn important strategies and information to practice effectively in the coming years. One of the highlights of the Symposium is, of course, the workshops.

Our workshops connect you to leaders and experts in the industry so you can learn from the very best in a hands-on, friendly environment. Every workshop involves multiple speakers covering a variety of topics under the general theme of that session. Here is a complete list of the workshops at this year’s Fall Symposium:

Thursday Workshops

Coding and Compliance Workshop—What to Expect in 2017 (2.5 CECH): Compliance can be a “moving target” that you have to aim for each year. As we head into 2017, we’re providing you with fresh ideas in the coding arena as well as discussing the transition to merit-based reimbursements and other payment models. This workshop includes thirteen information-packed sessions: Learn more about this workshop here!

  • “E&M Coding Demystified: Determine the Appropriate Level E&M Based on the Encounter” with Jeffrey Lehrman, DPM
  • “It’s Not JUST Routine Foot Care” with Mike King, DPM and Ira Kraus, DPM
  • “Avoiding the Pro Bono Practice: Common Billing Errors and Audit-Related Risks” with John Leardi, Esq.
  • “Beware of Billing Traps” with Tina Del Buono, PMAC and Mary-Ellen Schimmoller
  • “Do You Do Bunion Surgery? You Need This Information! NOW!” with Jeffrey Lehrman, DPM and Ira Kraus, DPM
  • “A Refresher on Modifiers” with Mike King, DPM and Ira Kraus, DPM
  • “Strategies for Managing the Revenue Cycle” with Mary-Ellen Schimmoller
  • “The Anatomy of a Successful Billing Compliance PROGRAM: Viewing Fraud, Abuse and Risk Management as a PROCESS Not Just a Manual” with John Leardi, Esq.
  • “PQRS Reporting and Avoiding Penalties” with Michael Brody, DPM
  • “Billing In-House Vs. Outsourced” with Gisele Saenger
  • “What is MIPS and Why You Need to Know” with Jeffrey Lehrman, DPM
  • “Top 10 Denial Reasons” with Gisele Saenger
  • “Coding and Documentation for Wound Care Products” with Animesh Bhatia, DPM

Membership in the AAPPMExecutive Manager Track—Part 1: Designed for office managers, we will address common challenges you face on a daily basis to help you overcome them. This is meant for office managers at all levels of experience, whether you’re new to the post or a long-time veteran. The workshop includes five incredible sessions: Learn more about this workshop here!

  • “Does Your Documentation Match the Coding?” with Michael King, DPM
  • “Quality Service the Disney Way” with Sam Guillory, PMAC
  • “PQRS and Meaningful Use for 2016—It’s Not Too Late!” with Jeffrey Lehrman, DPM
  • “Managing Your Boss” with Rem Jackson
  • “Better Management for Better Patient Care” with Tina Del Buono, PMAC

What You Need to Understand to Successfully Run a Small Business (0.75 CECH): A medical practice is a small business, and it has to be treated as such for it to thrive. This workshop involves five incredible sessions to cover what every practice owner should know about running his or her business: Learn more about this workshop here!

  • “A Look at Data Aggregation and Its Use in Industry Comparison SWOT Analysis” with John Guiliana, DPM, MS; John Leardi, Esq.; and Alan Bass, DPM
  • “Billing and Collection Strategies for 2016” with Jeffrey Frederick, DPM; and John Guiliana, DPM, MS
  • “Prepare to Be Audited!” with John Leardi, Esq.
  • “Effective Human Resource Management and Employment Law” with John Guiliana, DPM, MS; and John Leardi, Esq.
  • “Outsourcing Business Processes … A New Strategy for Success—Panel Discussion” with John Guiliana, DPM, MS as the moderator; along with John Leardi, Esq.; Jeffrey Frederick, DPM; and Alan Bass, DPM

How to Make Sure Your New Associate Hits the Ground Sprinting: The relationship between an employer doctor and associate doctors can affect a new associate’s performance. Navigating this complex relationship can be tough and cause chaos, confusion, and frustration for all. This workshop shares the processes you need to ensure your associates are happy and productive in their roles. Learn more about this workshop here!

  • “How to Make Sure Your New Associate Hits the Ground Sprinting” with Rem Jackson; Tina Del Buono, PMAC; Peter Wishnie, DPM; and Jay Henderson

Patient Flow = Cash Flow—Marketing to Attract the Right Patients to Your Office: If you’re accepting new patients at all, you need to make sure you’re attracting the right kind of patients to fill your schedule. High-quality patients are even more important now that reimbursement models are changing. This workshop covers marketing essentials in seven explosive sessions to help you make sure you’re growing your practice the best way possible: Learn more about this workshop here!

  • “Focusing on the ‘Four Pillars of Marketing’ to Explode Your Practice” with Rem Jackson
  • “A Podiatrist’s Guide to the Internet” with Andrew Schneider, DPM
  • “Why Google AdWords Matter More Now Than Ever” with Rem Jackson and Lori Hibma
  • “The Yellow Pages Are Dead—Long Live Local Search” with Rem Jackson and Lori Hibma
  • TBD with Peter Wishnie, DPM
  • “How to Use the Media to Promote Your Practice” with Barry Black, DPM
  • “I Hate Lunch and Learns! (But I Do Them…)” with Andrew Schneider, DPM

AAPPM WorkshopsManaging Your Sports Medicine Practice (2.25 CECH): Sports medicine in podiatry works with a unique population and often features challenging injuries and conditions. This workshop seeks to help you learn the intricacies of developing a sports medicine practice so you can help athletes achieve their goals. It features five sessions and a panel discussion: Learn more about this workshop here!

  • “Winning Playbook for a Thriving Sports Medicine Practice” with Matt Werd, DPM
  • “Pediatric Sports Injury Prevention, Protocols & Treatments” with Louis DeCaro, DPM
  • “How to Fill Your Schedule with Athletes” with Misty McNeill, DPM
  • “Optimizing Orthotic Success through Proper Design” with Roberta Nole, CPED
  • “Advancing Healing in Your Athletes: New Treatment Options in Your Practice” Nick Pagano, DPM
  • “Panel Discussion” with Misty McNeill, DPM as the moderator; along with Matt Werd, DPM; Louis DeCaro, DPM; Roberta Nole, CPED; and Nick Pagano, DPM

CMOM-POD Review Course: Office managers, if you’re taking the CMOM-POD exam, this review course is a must! Go over all seven sections in a review with the experts to help you prepare to ace the certification exam.

  • “Section 1 Review, Financial Management” with John Guiliana, DPM, MS
  • “Section 2 Review, Insurance” with Sam Guillory, PMAC and Brooke Weaver, CMOM
  • “Section 3 Review, Employee Management” with Sam Guillory, PMAC and Brooke Weaver, CMOM
  • “Section 4 Review, Durable Medical Equipment” with Sam Guillory, PMAC and Brooke Weaver, CMOM
  • “Section 5 Review, OSHA” with John Leardi, Esq.
  • “Section 6 Review, HIPAA” with John Leardi, Esq.
  • “Section 7 Review, Marketing” with Rem Jackson
  • “CMOM-Podiatry Review Wrap-Up” with Sam Guillory, PMAC and Brooke Weaver, CMOM

Optional Morning and Evening Lectures

Learn more about these lectures here!

  • “Coding Boot Camp” (1.0 CECH) with Gisele Saenger and Mary-Ellen Schimmoller
  • “Diagnostic Ultrasound” (1.0 CECH)
  • “DME Audit Prevention” (1.0 CECH) with Colleen Harryman


Friday Workshops

General Session (3.5 CECH): This massive workshop is designed to bring everyone together to cover a wide variety of practice management topics. From expanding and improving treatments to boosting your marketing to legal aspects you need to know and more, this workshop is packed with 14 incredible sessions that you don’t want to miss: Learn more about this workshop here!

  • “Integrating Ancillary Services into Podiatric Practices” with David Helfman, DPM
  • “Using Compounds for Improved Outcomes” with Bill McCann, DPM
  • “Marketing a Medical Practice” with Rem Jackson
  • “What to Be Prepared for When the Department of Labor Comes Knocking” with Misty McNeill, DPM
  • “Department of Labor Overtime Rules: A Legal Perspective” with John Leardi, Esq.
  • “The Power of the Front Desk” with Gisele Saenger
  • “A Return to In-Office Surgery” with Sev Hyrwnak
  • TBD with Jonathon Moore, DPM, MS
  • “Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) – The Risks of Electronic Communication and Social Media” Ross Taubman, DPM
  • “Key Concepts in Patient Satisfaction and How It Impacts Your Bottom Line” with Mary-Ellen Schimmoller
  • “How to Succeed Using Podiatric Office Based Lasers” with Steve Shoemaker, DPM
  • “How to Deal with the Difficult Patient” with John Evans, DPM
  • “Registry Reporting” with Michael Brody, DPM
  • “What’s in Store for Tomorrow …” with Andrew Schneider, DPM

Medical Assistants WorkshopMedical Assistants Track: Medical assistants, this workshop is built for you. Medical assistants are there to assist their doctors and keep them on track. Join our experts as they use hands-on training and interaction to help you improve and master vital clinical and administrative skills. This workshop includes eight sessions: Learn more about this workshop here!

  • “Billing and Coding for the Podiatric Medical Assistant” with Mike King, DPM
  • “Keeping Your Doctor on Time” with Bill McCann, DPM
  • “Biopsy Demonstration and Training” with a BAKO Representative
  • “Ultrasound Demonstration and Hands-On Training”
  • “PADnet Demonstration and Training” with a PADnet Representative
  • “Onychomycosis Protocols” with a ClearANail Representative
  • “Gait Analysis” with Jonathan Moore, DPM, MS
  • “Time Management Workshop” with John Guiliana, DPM, MS

CMOM-POD Testing: This is the exam for the CMOM-POD certification. If you’re been taking the CMOM-POD course, this is your final exam. You’ve worked hard; now see it pay off with your certification!

  • The CMOM-POD Certification Exam, Administered by Sam Guillory, PMAC and Brooke Weaver, CMOM

Executive Manager Track—Part 2: We continue our workshop for Office Managers with more sessions designed to help you tackle real challenges you face in a medical practice. This workshop includes four sessions: Learn more about this workshop here!

  • “Successful Leadership Skills: Become a Better Leader in 30 Days” with John Guiliana, DPM, MS
  • “It’s the Law: What You Need to Know” with John Leardi, Esq.
  • “Creating a Culture of Accountability” with Tina Del Buono, PMAC
  • “Pearls for a Better Tomorrow: Top 20 in 30” with Sam Guillory, PMAC

Saturday Workshops

Breakfast and Learn: A consistent AAPPM favorite, we bring back the “breakfast and learn” so you can interact with your peers and colleagues about the top takeaways of the conference thus far, along with discussing practical challenges in practicing medicine. You’ll walk away from this workshop with pearls of wisdom that you can act on first thing Monday morning in your own practice. Learn more about this workshop here!

Interactive General Session (1.0 CECH): This interactive session is a series of panels featuring our experts and guests going into greater depth on the topics you care about. This is your chance to ask your burning questions and learn more from the experts. This workshop features five panels: Learn more about this session here!

  • “MIPS, MACRA, and Payments Based on Quality” – Panel featuring John Guiliana, DPM, MS, as moderator; along with panelists Mike King, DPM; Michael Brody, DPM; and Sev Hyrwnak
  • “The Female Employee and Associate: Unique Human Resources Issues” – Panel featuring Tina Del Buono, PMAC, as moderator; along with panelists John Leardi, Esq.; Misty McNeill, DPM; John Purdy, DPM; Sam Guillory, PMAC; and Animesh Bhatia, DPM
  • “Board Introductions” – The CMOM-POD Certification Graduation
  • “Retirement and Exit Strategies from Podiatric Practice” – Panel featuring John Leardi, Esq. as moderator; along with panelists John Guiliana, DPM, MS; Jeffrey Frederick, DPM; and Paul Wilson, CRPC
  • “Putting It All Together” with John Guiliana, DPM, MS

Roundtable DiscussionsRoundtable Discussions: Another highlight of the AAPPM conferences is our roundtable discussions. This is your opportunity to choose from several roundtables discussing a variety of relevant topics, so you get to chat with others in your situation along with the experts to learn about what matters most to your unique practice. Take this opportunity to sit in on one roundtable or many—you choose. This workshop includes four different roundtable discussions: Learn more about this workshop here!

  • “Effectively Marketing Your Practice” – Featuring Peter Wishnie, DPM, as moderator; along with Tom Foster; Tony Trabon; Sarah Breymeier; and Barry Block, DPM
  • “MIPS, MACRA, and Value-Based Payments” – Featuring Mike King, DPM as moderator; along with Jeffrey Lehrman, DPM; and John Evans, DPM
  • “Ancillary Services and DME” – Featuring John Purdy, DPM as moderator; along with Steve Shoemaker, DPM; Animesh Bhatia, DPM; and Josh White, DPM, CPED
  • “Managing Your Office Team” – Featuring Sam Guillory, PMAC, as moderator; along with Tina Del Buono, PMAC; Ben Weaver, DPM; and Misty McNeill, DPM

At the 2016 Fall Practice Management Symposium, there’s a little something for everyone. The exact times for each of the workshops is listed in our general schedule. Come ready to learn and take away practical information that can help you take 2017 by storm.

If you have any more questions, or you’d like to register for the 2016 Fall Symposium today, let us know! You can connect with us through our online forms and download the registration right here on our website. You can also call us with questions or concerns at (517) 484-1930. We look forward to seeing you in San Antonio this November 10-12, 2016.