Durable Medical Equipment for Podiatry

DME – What is it and why is it important to your Practice?

This 2 DVD and 1 CD-ROM set contains over 3 hours of material for the experienced DME provider as well as those not yet providing this essential patient service. You will learn the role DME provides in comprehensive patient care. Learn the step by step process in becoming a Medicare DME supplier. You will be provided with all the resources you need to integrate DME in patient care, stay compliant, properly code and bill, and market this aspect of your practice. Use this DVD as a training tool for your office and medical assistants! These tools will take away any barriers you may have in providing DME products and significantly increasing your practice profitability.

Topics Include

  • How to become a medicare DME Supplier
  • The Best Products to Start With
  • Common Conditions and DME Options
  • Dispensing Rules for Different locations
  • When to Dispense a Custom vs. Non-Custom device
  • Measuring & Managing your Diabetic Foot Program
  • Measuring for Proper Fit
  • Fitting Tips and Patient Instruction
  • Employee Training
  • Marketing for DME
  • AFO & Shoe Compliance Documentation
  • Bio Mechanical Gait Analysis
  • Surviving a Medicare Shoe Audit
  • Surviving a DME Audit
  • Getting Started
  • Getting PaidOrderNow