Corporate and Consultant Partners

The Academy has a very special relationship with its Corporate and Consultant Partners. We believe all of these companies offer exceptional products and services that can help our members provide better patient care and practice more efficiently and profitably. All of these companies have a proven track record regarding their commitment to podiatry and to the Academy.

Our Corporate and Consultant Partners are invited to exhibit at each of our meetings and we consider them an integral part of our education program. Our presenters and corporate partner vendors can show you how to build your practice by using podiatric products and services such as: Orthoses, AFOs, diagnostic ultrasound, practice management software, wound care dressings, podiatric pharmaceuticals, podiatric pathology, digital x-ray, physical therapy, padding and strappings, custom fitted shoes and dispensing products such as creams and gels. Our Corporate and Consultant Partners support the Academy and podiatry, and we ask you to support them.

Many of our Corporate and Consultant Partners have special offers and discounts available to AAPPM members. To learn more about these special offers and discounts visit our Members Only Section and click on Offers by Corporate Sponsors.

A listing of our Corporate and Consultant Partners and a brief description of their products and services can viewed on the following links.

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