Ending the Year Right? Manage Your Success!

Let’s say all your hard work with marketing, organization, and planning have paid off. You’re getting more patients—and more for the conditions you want to treat—than ever!

(And if you are not, do not lose heart. Not all plans work perfectly the first time. Learn from your attempts and revise your approach!)

Finding success always feels fantastic, and you are more than allowed to celebrate positive results! You absolutely should, in fact. You and your staff have earned it.

But if you think the story is over, you’ve only just begun! What you do with your success will have a huge impact on further growth—and even avoiding the pitfalls that can come with added traffic and revenue.

Remember that there is such a thing as too much success—but only if you don’t properly manage it. We have a few basic tips for you on how to approach your gains and help make the most out of them for the sake of your practice and staff.

Take Stock of How You Got Here

They say to learn from your failures (in fact, we just mentioned it above!). However, a less-considered piece of advice is learning from your successes. The lessons you can glean from them are just as valuable, and your education will never truly stop!

Ask yourself the following:

  • What went right to get you to this spot?
  • What challenges did you face along the way? How did you surmount these challenges—or do they still remain, and you found success despite them?
  • What parts of your success are most fulfilling to you? What are most fulfilling to your staff?

Considering these questions can help identify great returns on investment you may wish to continue focus on, or remaining obstacles and challenges you may want to shape your plans around while moving forward.

Decide What New Level You Wish to Reach

After you find major success, it’s time to reflect on your original ambitions and goals. Did you meet them? Exceed them?

You should not rest on your laurels when you reach the point you were originally aiming for. “If you’re not growing, you’re dying” is an adage that is often thrown around any type of business circle—not just podiatry.

However, this does not necessarily mean you should be doubling your patient traffic every year or shooting to expand throughout the tri-state area.

If you have reached a certain goal, you don’t always have to set a higher ceiling for it. You can choose instead to turn your attention to refining other elements surrounding the initial goal. Have you reached your patient numbers! Great! Now maybe you can focus on bringing in patients for certain treatments or higher revenues.

Or, you can bring on another doctor and just keep driving in more people! You have options, and your choices depend greatly on what makes you happy and what can be best achieved in your current environment.

Be Selective About New Opportunities

We understand the stresses that come with keeping up to date on technology and other services—especially against competitors!

When you are trying to reach a more stable place, there is always the fear of “not having enough” nagging at you to pick up new opportunities when they arrive at your doorstep. But on the other hand, reaching a more comfortable plateau can make it tempting to invest in anything that comes along!

But do not feel like you must have every new thing to continue being successful. Is that new form of treatment something that many people in your patient pool need, or is it something that will help a patient demographic you wish to focus on? If not, it’s not a crime to turn it down. Otherwise, you might end up with money sunk into something that helps next to nobody, collecting more dust than revenue.

You can always come back to such opportunities later if you change your plans or a greater need arises—and by then, something even better or more affordable may be available!

Review Your Administrative Capabilities

Remember that the front desk and the back end are both incredibly vital to your patients’ satisfaction. When success places more demands on them, an investment into helping your staff take on the added loads and maintain quality service is going to be worth it.

Review your current processes with your staff. Is there anything that can be automated for greater speed and convenience? Do your current databases need to be expanded or reorganized? Do not let success blind you to increased need in these areas!

Make it as convenient and reasonable as possible for your office staff to serve your patients, and that positive energy will reflect on both sides.

Learn from Colleagues and Experts

You know we want you to be successful, and other podiatrists throughout the country want you to be as well! The more we learn from each other, the greater heights we can achieve as a whole.

If you would like to swap advice and experiences with others in podiatry, there is no better place to do it than at our next AAPPM conference this spring in Atlanta! We will be holding three days of seminars and networking from May 28-30, and would love to see you there.

Early Bird registration prices end May 13, so don’t wait too long! The best plans for success are laid well in advance.