Investing in the growth of your practice is one of the smartest moves you can make, right? After all, in doing so, you put yourself (and your team) in a position where you can better achieve your goals.

Our mission here at AAPPM is “to positively change the lives, practices and communities of podiatric physicians through leadership education, practice management education and sharing knowledge.” And this goes hand in hand with helping your practice thrive and reach new heights.

So whether you’ve already attended one of our conferences in the past, or you are brand new to our  organization, we felt it would be fitting to take a moment and look at the reasons why attending the AAPPM 2019 Fall Conference is an investment you absolutely should consider making for your practice.

For starters, attending the AAPPM’s fall conference will put your practice on track for its most successful year ever – and a future brighter than you could ever have imagined.

Don’t believe us? Let’s get down to the nitty gritty and see why this podiatric event IS right for you!

Getting the Knowledge You Need to Propel Your Practice to New Heights

Given that this is the nation’s premier podiatric event, you’ll probably be less than surprised to know that our conference is packed full of awesome information. But did you know:

  1. You will learn key insights and best practices for managing your practice from leaders in the field of podiatry and practice management. The amount of experience and knowledge you will be exposed to is mind-blowing. We’re talking about leading speakers like Dr. Michael Nirenberg, Dr. John Guiliana, and Top Practice’s very own Rem Jackson (to name just a few of this year’s conference powerhouse lineup).
  2. You will have plenty of opportunities to pick the brain of our nation’s leading industry experts. Not sure how something applies specifically to your own situation? You are guaranteed to have the opportunity to ask and get the answers you need!
  3. You will receive hands-on experience through a variety of workshops. This means you will not only receive the tools you need, but also learn firsthand how to apply them to your own practice. (We thoroughly believe in “teaching a man to fish.”)
  4. You can customize your experience. Pick and choose your own lineup of workshops, speakers, roundtable discussions, and presentations to get the most out of the event – instead of having someone else dictate the agenda for you.
  5. The AAPPM is providing more opportunities for networking and membership than ever before! Aside from all the valuable lessons you will learn during presentations and through workshops, the event has more time built into the schedule for you to connect with other successful podiatrists from across the country. In doing so, you can learn from your peers and work together to identify solutions for common issues that arise when managing a podiatry practice in the modern world.

If you want to attend an event that allows you to make your own choices and is jam-packed with the information your practice actually needs to thrive, the AAPPM 2019 Fall Conference is a pretty easy choice!

Reasons You Won't Want to Miss This Conference

Bonus Reason (Oh Yeah, There’s More!)

Now, if you’re still not quite convinced, we have one more great reason for you to attend AAPPM’s fall conference. We saved the best for last!

Along with podiatrists, practice managers, and other office staff members from practices spanning across our great nation, there will also be a variety of vendors at this incredible event. And our partners from VMD Services just so happen to be one of them.

This means your practice marketing efforts can benefit, too!

The VMD Services team never comes emptyhanded to events like this one. This year is no different – and all you have to do is be there to be eligible to win big!

Really? Really.

So don’t forget to stop by the VMD Services booth to chat with the best team of podiatric marketing experts in the nation. They will be able to give you critical information on your current marketing efforts, so you can see how things currently stand for your practice, and help you create a roadmap that will ensure your digital marketing is in top shape.

But what about the “win big” part? Well, how about:

  • A FREE Apple Watch from Weave
  • A FREE copy of Podiatry Prosperity from Top Practices

Sounds awesome, huh? And the best part is:

All you have to do is register for the fall’s hottest podiatric conference!

If you’d like more information about the event, we encourage you to explore our website or give us a call at (517) 484-1930 today. Prefer to reach out to us online? We’re cool with that. Just take advantage of our online contact form!