Collaboration Is Powerful—And That’s Exactly What You’ll Get at Our Spring Conference

The observation that humans can achieve greater success working together than they can independently is not a new one.

In 2004, for example, James Surowiecki published The Wisdom of Crowds, filled with case studies showing how diverse groups of informed individuals tend to make better collective decisions than any single member could.

And it was all the way back in 1937—more than 80 years ago! —that Napoleon Hill introduced the concept of the “Mastermind” to the general public in his landmark work Think and Grow Rich. His observation? Small groups of like-minded peers that brainstorm together, share ideas, challenge each other, and support one another with honesty and respect can achieve remarkable results together.

Yet how many times have you been to a conference, guest lecture, or professional event where all the conversation seemed to flow in the same direction?

Why is it still the case today that true collaboration is so hard to achieve? Why haven’t we all learned the lessons and internalized the best practices that success coaches, psychologists, and business leaders have been preaching for decades?

That’s a question we’ve asked ourselves many times, and it happens to be a huge motivation to make sure the AAPPM is different.

Getting Past the Roadblocks

Even though we all intuitively understand that “teamwork makes the dream work,” collaboration often seems to break down for one reason or another:

  • It can be tough admitting you don’t have things totally figured out, or that you’ve been doing things the wrong way, or that you might be able to learn from someone else—particularly someone with less experience or education than you.
  • Timidity. Pretty much the opposite of ego. Sometimes we’re too shy to speak up, especially in situations where there is a power or experience differential in play—afraid to speak up, afraid to look stupid, afraid of being seen as presumptuous or arrogant.
  • Style differences. We all communicate in different ways. We each have our own preferred working habits, comfort zones, and experience levels. It can be difficult, at least initially, to make and establish a connection from people who think differently from us.
  • Lack of trust. To be truly effective, collaborative teams need total trust in one another to be honest and open (yet compassionate and kind) within the group and maintain strict confidentiality outside it. Without that trust, people aren’t willing to open up.
  • Time and energy. Collaboration requires an investment of time and energy on the part of the group members. You’ve got to coordinate schedules and bring your “A” game in order to be successful.

If we’re being honest, most of us struggle with one or more of these roadblocks in our own lives. That’s just human nature!

But if you’re driven to be the best you can be and want to achieve the highest levels of success for your practice, you’re going to have to learn to get past these roadblocks.

And fortunately for you …

Our Spring Conference Is All About Collaboration

We don’t call ourselves the friendliest group in podiatry for nothing.

The AAPPM exists to connect podiatric physicians, office managers, and medical assistants with their peers, as well as experts in fields relevant to maintaining a successful practice—marketing, law, and capital management.

We pride ourselves on creating an open environment, free from ego, in which all our members can share freely about their struggles and successes, and gain wisdom and insight from the group.

That’s not to say we aren’t a competitive lot! We all want to go out there and win success for our practices. But we understand that there’s plenty of success to go around, and we can all help each other reach our goals.

For the spring 2019 conference, we’ve developed an agenda full of both structured and unstructured opportunities for our members to collaborate, work together, and harness the “wisdom of crowds” and the “power of the mastermind” to achieve professional success.

This includes:

  • Facilitated roundtable discussions about victories, failures, and what it really takes to “be successful” in podiatry practices today.
  • “Tips from the trenches” from experts, with plenty of built-in Q&A time for you to bring your biggest challenges and get specific, focused feedback.
  • Hands-on workshops for new procedures and DME.
  • The much-loved “Breakfast and Learn,” where you can share your top takeaways and insights with your peers in a casual, unstructured environment.

And that’s really just the tip of the iceberg. Check out the full conference agenda for more details about specific interactive workshops and sessions we have planned!

This is definitely one conference you won’t want to miss, so make sure you sign up and register and book your accommodations before early bird rates disappear!

We look forward to seeing you, speaking with you, and collaborating with you on improving your practice this May!