Do You Know How to Get Your Practice Back on Track?

We’ve all been there.

Patient numbers are down, and you’re not quite sure why.

Paperwork keeps piling up, you keep meaning to get through it all—yet every passing week you fall further and further behind.

You’re working harder and longer than you’ve ever worked, yet your take-home pay keeps getting smaller.

You feel like you’re just about to turn the corner, and then something blindsides you. Maybe three members of your front office quit, and the rest of your team is scrambling to cover the shortfall without cancelling appointments. Or maybe you get hit with an audit at the worst possible time.

Things are going off the rails, slowly but surely.

Do you know how to get your practice back on track?

No? Well we are here to help!

But it’s not all doom and gloom.

Because as hard as things might be for you, the truth is podiatry is absolutely a field where independent practitioners cannot just survive but thrive.

You really just need two things: a roadmap, and a guide to help you get there.

Want to know the best way to find both? Join the AAPPM and attend our conferences with your fellow podiatric professionals.

The Opportunity Is Out There

Think about it for a second.

There are over 600 million feet in America today, from sea to shining sea. More than 100 million of them are suffering from diabetes. Millions more deal with chronic heel pain, sports injuries, bone deformities, faulty biomechanics, and so much more.

But of course, you already know this. In short, not only are there more than enough people out there who need foot and ankle care for you to be successful, but there are more than enough people out there for all of us to be successful.

The opportunity is out there. There is a way to get your practice back on track. Again, you just need that roadmap and a bit of friendly guidance.

The AAPPM: Your Roadmap and Your Guide

This is the power of AAPPM conferences.

The Roadmap

So, on the one hand, our conference agendas are packed with key insights, best practices, and critical information you need to run a smooth and successful practice—whether you’re a solo practitioner, associate, executive office manager, or medical assistant.

At any given conference—including our upcoming one in Baltimore—you can pick and choose your own lineup of speakers, roundtable discussions, lectures, and workshops on just about any relevant topic in podiatric practice management, including:

  • Best practices for overcoming obstacles in your practice and illuminating the road to improvement
  • Coding and billing boot camps
  • How to market your practice effectively in the digital age
  • How to grow your practice together as a team and effectively support your mission
  • Legal advice to manage risk, compliance, and liability
  • The latest strategies designed to help you improve patient compliance and quality outcomes

There are branched tracks for physicians, managers and MAs, as well as general sessions that are relevant to the anyone in this field. So, you can bring your whole team and divide and conquer!

While your physician takes in a workshop on wound care, for example, your manager is getting the low down on internet marketing and your assistants are perfecting their AFO casting skills.

The Guide

So as much as we all love our trusty notepad, we also know that this is true:

It’s one thing to be told how to run a practice, or what the best practices are. But it’s quite another to work through those issues one-on-one with a colleague, leader, or mentor who has been in the same position before.

And that’s the other awesome thing about the AAPPM conference. This year more than ever, you’ll find no shortage of opportunities for collaborative sessions, facilitated roundtable discussions, one-on-one consultations with our presenters and expert partners, and so much more.

Unlike most, if not every other professional conference you’ve ever been to, AAPPM conferences make it easy for you to bring your most critical, burning questions to the table—and actually get them answered by colleagues and experts who genuinely want to help you.

Because, once again, the opportunity is out there for all of us. There’s a reason we’re the friendliest group in podiatry.

Instead of professional jealousy and competitiveness, you’re going to find a group of like-minded colleagues dedicated to helping one another achieve personal and professional success.

Everyone you meet here can be a guide for you along the path to success—just as you might well be a guide for someone else. That’s the power of teamwork and collaboration, and what sets the AAPPM apart from other the other professional organizations out there.

So, what are you waiting for? Early bird rates for our May 16-18 conference in Baltimore are available but won’t last forever, and you certainly want to snap up a room at the hotel before they’re gone! Sign up your whole team, and you can enjoy further discounts, too—up to 25% off your total for 10 or more attendees!

Want to get your practice back on track?

Of course, you do.

Your journey begins in Baltimore. See you there!