You Spoke. We Listened. Baltimore Is Going To Be Different!

The AAPPM values you and we have listened to your feedback.  We are working hard to make these conferences more relevant, more engaging, and more valuable to your practice growth —whether you’re a brand new DPM, MA or Executive Manager, or a 30-year veteran responsible for multiple associates and locations.

We’re constantly looking to improve the conference experience, and your feedback continues to be extremely valuable—not just for the AAPPM, but for all our conference attendees!

In short?

You spoke. We listened. Here’s what you can expect in Baltimore, and it is different than any conference you have been to in the past five years.

More collaboration and teamwork

Time and time again, we’ve heard from you about this:

Sometimes the most valuable takeaways from the weekend come not just from lectures and workshops, but from talking with other doctors and practices about your biggest problems—and biggest fears. Our goal is for you to share solutions and talk about what actually works with practices that have been there before.

Don’t get us wrong—lectures and workshops are very valuable, and we will make sure they are available and continue to meet your needs. In addition, this spring, you’ll see an increased focus on direct conversations and peer learning:

  • More round table discussions
  • More opportunities to network and connect
  • More open Q&A time with experts
  • More opportunities for mentorship

Let’s talk facts:

While every practice faces unique challenges, chances are that many of your professional colleagues have struggled with the same problems you’re going through right now.

We’ve done our best to provide a wide range of lectures to cover some of the most common and pressing issues. But sometimes what you really need is to talk openly and collaborate with your colleagues—either in a small group session, or even one-on-one.

This year, we’re making more room than ever in the agenda to facilitate those kinds of experiences.

round table discussion

More hands-on learning

We’re all good at absorbing information from speakers and lectures. After all, you wouldn’t have been able to get through your career without it!

But we think we can all agree that there’s no substitute for learning by doing. Getting your hands dirty—metaphorically speaking, anyway—can make abstract, difficult concepts real and understandable.

So, this year, we’re making a push to include more workshops than ever before that focus on collaboration. Rather than simply learning about new techniques or approaches, you’ll get the chance to actually understand how to implement them by using tools you gain at this conference from expert instructors.

More opportunities to get your questions answered and your practice back on track.

We’ve only got a few days to spend with you this May. And even though we’re all podiatry professionals, our situations can be very different. Are you:

  • A recent graduate just starting your own practice and adjusting to “life after residency”?
  • A 10-year veteran struggling to keep your practice afloat while you fend off competition from growing healthcare conglomerates?
  • An “old-timer” (though still young at heart, obviously) with an eye toward investing, retirement and selling your practice?
  • An office manager struggling with one or multiple aspects of this confusing and stressful job—employee management, marketing, insurance, billing, compliance, DME, or financial management?
  • An MA looking to broaden your skillset to add value to your practice, your own career, and gain greater independence and security?

As you can imagine, it’s not always easy to build a weekend conference that appeals to all these groups equally.

But with the changes we’ve made to our agenda and approach, we’re confident that this conference really will be the best one yet. Whatever burning questions you may have about how to survive and thrive in the world of podiatric practice, you’ll find the answers in Baltimore.

And if you keep giving us your feedback, the conferences only get better from here!

We’ll have more specific details on the agenda at a later time, but make sure you save the date. This is one you don’t want to miss!