A Whole New World of Podiatry (Why You Should Join the AAPPM)



A new fantastic point of view!

Okay, maybe we’re letting this whole “AAPPM conference in Disneyland” thing go to our heads a bit. (Can you really blame us?)

But even though we can’t offer magic carpet rides, you’d be surprised how often we hear from new members who tell us that joining the AAPPM opened their eyes to new horizons, new possibilities, new ways of doing things that dramatically enhanced their practices and improved their profitability.

True, learning how to code like a pro, market your practice online, or motivate your staff might not be as viscerally exciting as, say, a flyby of ancient Mesopotamia.

In the long run, though, making more money and putting more time back in your week to rest, relax, and pursue your passions is probably the better deal!

Here are some of the top reasons why you should join the AAPPM. To borrow a metaphor, we’ll start with the trees before considering the forest.

Specific Benefits

Here are a few of the things our members often say they love about being a part of the AAPPM family.

  • Awesome conferences in great locations. The AAPPM holds meetings twice per year in various locations around the country—Disneyland California, for example! Each one is full of great ideas, innovative workshops and lectures, and multiple tracks for doctors, managers, and medical assistants in every stage of their professional careers.

    Side note: you don’t have to be an AAPPM member to attend our conferences, but AAPPM members do enjoy steep discounts (up to almost 40%) on registration costs.

  • Full access to the AAPPM’s member-only resources. Members gain access to our exclusive online library, which comes pre-loaded with educational materials, critical forms and documentation for your office, a “compliance center,” an “ask the expert” section, helpful links—all hand-picked by the AAPPM team to help you manage your practice as effectively and efficiently as possible.
  • Access to the best minds in the business. Through AAPPM meetings, webinars, e-mails, and more, you’ll hear regularly from the best and brightest minds in fields critical to any practicing podiatrist. Medicine. Law. Marketing. Financing. If you go to one of our meetings, you’ll even have the opportunity to ask questions directly at a workshop, or schedule some one-on-one time with them—our consultant partners make themselves available for FREE 30-minute consultations throughout the conference weekend.
  • Opportunities for networking, mentorship, and fellowship. While there’s no substitute for expert advice, sometimes insight from a colleague “in the trenches” with you provides just the spark you need. In addition to contributing to (and benefitting from) the collective wisdom of the group, there are also plenty of opportunities to network, get employment referrals, or even find (or become) a mentor. AAPPM members are here for the common good—we believe that we can all be successful, and actually want to help our colleagues achieve their dreams while pursuing our own.

The Big Picture

The specific benefits are great, of course. But really, they’re pieces in a bigger puzzle, or stepping stones along the way to a greater horizon. Looking at the big picture, AAPPM membership helps our doctors, managers and medical assistants:

  • Stay on the cutting edge. Like we said, “it’s a whole new world [of podiatry].” Big changes come our way every year, whether that’s new compliance rules, new treatment protocols, new best practices in online marketing, etc. The AAPPM is committed to ensuring its members always have the most up-to-date info so they can weather the changes and thrive in any environment.
  • Serve patients better. It’s not just about getting better at practicing medicine or being able to offer a wider variety of treatment options—though we do provide workshops on DME, surgical techniques, and other medical training and tools. Managing your practice better has a direct benefit for patients too. You can see more of them. You can devote more of your time and your emotional and intellectual “capital” to serving them. You can track and stay in touch with your patients better, boosting patient compliance and patient recall rates.
  • Make more money. Want to hear something cool? In 2012, Podiatry Management conducted a survey which found that active AAPPM members who take advantage of their membership benefits earned over 20% more on average than non-members. Whether you’re looking to build a “local empire” of offices and associates, or you just want financial stability and independence, we can help.
  • Get more time back in the day. Too many podiatric practices are taking hours (or days!) to accomplish tasks that could be done in 30 minutes with the right tools, training, or software. Learning how to be efficient is a beautiful thing. It means everyone can go home at 5 p.m., confident that paperwork, billing, and even ordering office supplies will get done correctly and on-time.

When you add it all up, we’re not just about making practices healthier and their staffs richer. It’s about improving the lives of our members. It’s about allowing you to reach your goals and live the life you want to live.

Or as Aladdin and Jasmine might say, it’s a whole new world with new horizons to pursue. If you’re ready to get started on that journey, there’s no better place to start than at this fall’s conference. See you there!