Stay Stellar with Continuing Education in CMOM-POD

Becoming a Certified Medical Office Manager in Podiatry (CMOM-POD) is the best way for employers, providers, auditors, and compliance officers to know you have the skills and know-how for excellent management in your field. As with many certifications in dynamic fields, however, you can’t just rest on your laurels once you have received your certification.

Maintaining your CMOM-POD status means staying fresh and on top of management standards. Executive managers must earn 12 continuing education units (CEU) each year for certification to remain valid.

Plenty of opportunities exist to gain CEU through the year—some required, some optional to fit your style of learning!

  • Attending AAPPM Conferences. Of the 12.0 CEU earned each year, at least 6.0 must come from AAPPM conferences. Attendees can often earn more than 6.0 per conference, however, and bring themselves closer to their goals. Learn more about our upcoming 2018 Summer Conference and 2018 Fall Conference, with additional information coming for both in the next several months!CMOM-Pod logo
  • Watching Practice Management Institute (PMI) Webinars. Simply visit the PMI website and click on “New Webinars” to the right to view current offerings. Each webinar tends to earn 1.0-1.5 CEU, and can be viewed at your leisure.
  • Joining Top Practices’ Virtual Practice Management Institute. Each month of membership provides 0.5 CUE and oodles of valuable advice. Visit the institute webpage to learn more.
  • Have Tuesday Tips or Blogs Published by AAPPM. Great management is not just about learning, but sharing as well. Our Tuesday Tips and blog sections can include valuable advice from managers on the ground just like you. Receive 1.0 CEU for every Tuesday Tip, and up to 6.0 CEU from blogs.

Investing the time to maintain your CMOM-POD can not only be a great refresher, but help you discover new insights and forge new connections with experts and other managers, too. We look forward to learning with you!