Join Our Workshop and Add Dermatology to Your Practice

Dr. G. "Dock" DockeryDermatology is one area of podiatric medicine that provides tremendous opportunities for doctors and practices, as well as for patients. Despite this, it often goes overlooked.

We’re aiming to change that! The theme of the AAPPM’s mid-winter conference this year is renewal and reinvention, and what better way to refresh and reinvigorate your practice than to learn new procedures and disciplines that you can implement right away the next Monday?

The upcoming conference features an exciting, doctors-only, hands-on dermatology workshop and cadaver lab that will provide the knowledge and skills to add a new dimension to your practice, providing both a new source of revenue and a new benefit you can offer to your patients! For just $40 beyond your conference registration fee—yes, you read that right!—it’s hard to imagine a higher potential return on investment!

The 4-hour workshop, titled Adding Dermatological Procedures to Enhance Your Practice, will feature instruction from Dr. G. Dock Dockery, founder and director of Scientific Affairs of the International Foot & Ankle Foundation for Education and Research, nationally recognized teacher of surgery and dermatology, and widely published author and editor of scientific papers and textbooks.

The workshop will include the following sessions:

  • Managing Biofilm on Fungal Toenails with Annette Joyce, DPM
  • PCR/Genetic Testing for Dermatological Conditions with Brad Bakotic, DPM
  • What is Dermoscopy? with Bryan Markinson, DPM
  • Properly Identifying Pigmented Lesions in the Nail and Foot with Annette Joyce, DPM and Bryan Markinson, DPM
  • Punch, Incisional Nail Biopsies Workshop on Cadaver Limbs with Bryan Markinson, DPM
  • Rotational Flaps and Grafts: When and How to Use Them with Dock Dockery, DPM
  • Proper Coding of Biopsies, Grafts, and Flaps with Mike King, DPM

Don’t let this awesome opportunity to renew, reinvent, and enhance your practice with dermatology procedures pass you by! The workshop is limited to 50 participants—doctors only—and requires pre-registration, so be sure to sign up today!


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